Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week in Training

Another very low volume week.  Running was forbidden and during the start of the week I had a pain in my upper arm that was so sharp I couldn't even push the vacuum cleaner (I know, boo hoo to that one).  I get those every once in a while and usually if I stop swimming for a bit it goes away in a few days.  This strategy worked once again but it meant only one swim workout this week.  I did get some good biking in which I was cleared to do though the steep climb out of Betasso was probably not what the doctor ordered.  I had a 3 1/4 hour hike on Sunday that I didn't record as training.  It was good exercise but in my experience this type of la de da hiking doesn't help with training for races so I've decided not to count it.

The good news is that the hamstring strain feels mostly healed.  I go back to the chiro. on Wednesday but I doubt I'll even need another ultrasound treatment.  I don't mind getting the treatment but I shudder to think what they cost and my deductible on my insurance is so high that for now I'm paying for all of this out of pocket.  Piriformis is feeling good too but it could be that I don't notice it because I haven't been running.

Opening day of the Rez last Tuesday was cancelled, I suppose due to the cool rainy weather we've been having.  Today was cancelled too because of high winds and I missed Thursday's workout because Jonny took the day off work and we went riding.  This Thursday though I'll be there, swathed in neoprene and ready to go.  Forecast is for hot sunny weather (90's!) the next few days so hopefully I won't be bumping into penguins in the water.

No weight numbers this week.  The scale I've been using is at the Rec. Center and with outdoor swim season starting I doubt I'll be going to the indoor workouts anymore.  I have a scale at home buried somewhere but I don't want it taking up space in my bathroom though maybe I'll have to rethink that and dig it out.  I don't think it's very accurate and it's not digital and kind of hard to read but it might be a good thing to keep track of relative losses/gains.  On the other hand if anything I usually take a few pounds off in the summer anyway so maybe I don't need to be too vigilant.

Swim:  3100 yards/1 hour, 10 mins.

Mountain bike:  26.1 miles/3 hours, 30 minutes

Run:  None

Total training time: 4 hours, 40 mins.

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