Thursday, May 05, 2011

Trial this weekend

We've got a USDAA trial this weekend.

Somebody's a little excited about it.

Weather is supposed to be fabulous.  Well maybe a little hot if it really goes up to the 80 degrees they're predicting but I'm optimistic it won't go above the mid-70's and no wind which is what I'm most excited about.  I'm so over all the windy days we've been having. 

I'm feeling good about everything except the dogwalk.  Of course.  I was feeling somewhat confident about it after today's practice until I got home and watched the video and realized I had rewarded a miss.  This pushed my success rate from 70% down to 60% but even worse is the rewarded miss.  For some reason Strum has a harder time when I'm on the side of the side of the dogwalk that is also the exit side of the tunnel.  Must be something about that push to the entrance but who knows.  We were able to get a hit though and end on a good note.  I have a few more practice sessions on YouTube and at least one I haven't gotten around to looking at yet but this is from today as sort of a progress report.

In other news, the DOCNA trial I was entered in in 2 weeks got canceled due to low turnout.  I'm blaming the Viszla/Cairn Terrier club for holding an AKC trial on the same weekend but there could be other reasons.  But like we really need ANOTHER AKC trial, especially on the weekend of a less represented venue's established trial.  Thanks guys. 

While I'm disappointed at missing the opportunity of a DOCNA trial I'm also a little relieved at the opportunity for a weekend off from my 6 weekends in a row of Stuff and the relief to my checkbook.  There are a lot of other things I could still sign up for on that weekend including a DOCNA trial in Utah or a triathlon I've been wanting to do for years now but I think I'll take a break and save my pennies for other things.  Like staying overnight in Laramie for the August USDAA trial and maybe going to one day of the USDAA trial in Black Forest.  Heck, maybe I'll go both days.  I'd rather spend the funds on DOCNA but I can't enter trials that don't exist.  Anyone local know if the July/August Prairie Dog DOCNA trial is a go?  Maybe I'll save my pennies for that if it doesn't conflict with my race schedule.

Yes!  Stay home and play with me.

I also signed up for my third triathlon, an off-road Xterra up in Eldora which is a ski resort about 40 minutes from Boulder.  I did the inaugural version of this race before it was all corporate and an Xterra but haven't done it since because I didn't/don't like the new race director.  The bike course has changed a bit but the trails up there are so nice I'm sure it'll be fun and pretty whatever it is.  I'll have a chance to pre-ride it a few days before so it won't be a complete surprise but otherwise the trails are normally closed to the public.  This will be my most difficult race of the season but I'm not sure if it should be my 'A' race or if I should save that for the Lory Xterra which is several weeks later.  I suppose it'll depend on what state my running is in by next month.  Right now I still can't run properly, stupid piriformis.  It's not overtly sore but it's not up for working properly either and I still can't push off much with my left leg.  But I'm plugging away and one of these days, hopefully soon, shuffling will magically become running again.

I'm contemplating a fourth race which is unusual for me, I usually stick to a max. of 3 per year, but there's a duathlon up at Snow Mountain Ranch just outside of Winter Park that I did eons ago and the trails are oh so fabulous.  Or I could save some gas money and driving aggravation and do the brand spanking new Bear It All off road triathlon in Bear Creek Lake Park but that's in October which means there could be snow and I don't even want to think about how cold that water is.  Speaking of which I took Strum to the Rez this morning and checked out the water temp.  Brrrrrr is all I have to say.  But I plan on being there bright eyed and bushy tailed on opening morning, May 24th, 6:15 a.m.  Yes you read that right.  Maybe I'll need 2 wetsuits but I'm doing it.  Oh yes I am.


  1. Love those enthusiastic faces!!! Good luck this weekend :)

    Hopefully the water will warm up a little for you in the next couple weeks!

  2. All thereby confirming that you are completely crazy, and not just dog-lady crazy! Good luck and [well in advance] have fun with all your races. I'll be watching for details on how cold it really is.

  3. I'm looking forward to this weekend's trial too - first outdoor trial of the year for us. I just hope it doesnt get too warm for the dogs' sake.

    Bummer we had to cancel our DOCNA trial. We were barely 25% full with just over a week left before the close - we had to make the decision before the judge bought plane tickets and we had to put in a ribbon order. It must have been the new AKC show - like you say, do we really need another AKC show? I know the Prairie Dog show had about double the entry count we had for theirs, which is held the week before ours. We probably wont do another DOCNA show - we just dont get enough support to make it worthwhile. We are thinking of throwing a UKI at some point though.

    Good luck on all those races - I'm impressed!

  4. Yay for a UKI trial! Even better than DOCNA. Would love for UKI to take off around here.

  5. I don't think it was the AKC trial. The AKC trial filled with a wait list of over 200 people (I was #88 on the wait list). So now there are 200 people who won't be trialing Memorial Day Weekend.

    I'm not interested in DOCNA (although might register Soleil so I can TIR this Fall), but I would definitely support UKI!

  6. Well that is just depressing, that so many people do AKC and would rather not trial than try something new. But the issue is not the 200 people on the wait list because it's likely a good portion of them only do AKC or don't do DOCNA. The question is how many people got into the trial that would have otherwise gone to the DOCNA trial. I can think of at least one who has 2 dogs who was at DOCNA last year.

    Soleil is going to be perfect and not need any training in the ring. ; )

  7. But if you did DOCNA and there was a DOCNA trial the same weekend as an AKC trial, why would you choose AKC? Seriously, if I had the choice of USDAA or AKC on the same weekend ... without a doubt I would choose USDAA.

    Soleil says, "Of course I don't need practice - I'm perfect! But my Mom needs to practice running a short-strided, wicked fast and zooming small dog!"

  8. The AKC trial is in Denver indoors on the fancy indoor turf and the person is from the Denver area. Peyton's a bit of a haul and gas/hotels are expensive and there's the risk of bad weather at an outdoor trial. I think there were other reasons but I can't remember for sure. I think the person was close to a MACH as well and there's another DOCNA trial the week before. I don't know, it's not a choice I would have made but everybody has their own motivations.