Monday, May 02, 2011

Week in Training

Three rest days this week-shocking! I was planning on only one over the weekend but when Tuesday came around I felt like I needed a rest and when I checked my log I realized it had been 13 days with no rest so I was a bit overdue. Was going to run at least one day on the lunch hour of my weekend class but went out to lunch with classmates instead. But thanks to three days of double workouts I still managed to get in a fair amount of training. Biking and running numbers are up and those are the important ones right now.

Swim: 4500 yards/2 hours, 6 mins.

Mountain bike: 28.7 miles/3 hours, 28 mins.

Run: 9.6 miles/2 hours, 21 mins. of 6 mins. run/1 min. walk

Total training time: 7 hours, 55 mins.

120.5 lbs (+.1 lbs) Those last 4 lbs are proving to be stubborn.


  1. Hope you got a good rest!

  2. PS how long have you had barbed wire as your page's background? Am I just completely tunnel visioning again, or is it really new?

  3. I think the barbed wire has been up for a couple of weeks or so.

  4. OK, so I'm not completely nuts--and if my window is narrow, I hardly see it. So I feel less clueless now. :-)