Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Month in training

Despite the classes and scaling back due to hamstring/piriformis issues I managed 2 hours more of total training time this month over last.  Swim and bike numbers are close, run numbers are down and no power hiking so the increase in total time is probably due to taking on some more technical bike rides.  I'm still down 5 hours from last April though.  I think more than anything the weather was the biggest issue.  One of the rainiest Mays on record kept me inside a lot more than I would have liked but on the other hand I was forced to rest my injuries so maybe not the worst thing in the world.

Swim: 24,950 yards/10 hours, 5 mins.

Mountain Bike: 107 miles/13 hours, 16 mins.

Run: 16.5 miles/4 hours, 2 mins.

Total Training Hours: 27 hours, 23 mins.

The last weight number I had was at 119 lbs. a week ago which is -1.5 lbs for the month.  However I didn't have access to my regular scale at the Rec. Center this week and I suspect I'm down at least another lb but I don't care enough about it to make a special trip to the Rec. Center.  It's possible I won't make it back there until September so I may not have numbers until then.

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