Friday, May 20, 2011

Sundogs over Wonderland

Coloradoans crack me up.  Two days in a row of solid rain and everybody is depressed.  To be fair we also had 2 days of solid rain last week and kind of a dreary weekend.  The first day of an all day rain storm everyone is all, 'Oh the rain is so nice, we need the moisture, I can get my indoor things done, etc.'  The second day everybody completely forgets what the sun looks like and goes into a deep depression.  And I'm no different despite having grown up in Chicago where you pretty much don't see the sun from October to May. 

The dogs are no different either except they don't even enjoy that first day.  They enthusiastically ask me to go out,  charging to the back door as I make my way through the sea of barking and wagging tails then cringe and refuse to cross the threshold when I open the door and they're greeted with a cold, heavy rain.  They tuck their tails and slink back into the house.  I slink right back with them and boil another pot of tea.

But the sun made a brief appearance early this morning so I grabbed the dogs and headed for the trail.  I was treated to the drama of breaking clouds and fabulous, freaky sundogs.

Sundogs over Wonderland Lake

Despite the dreary weather I didn't get a whole lot of my long list of 'indoor stuff' done.  I'm starting my own business in the next month and I'm finding the process a bit overwhelming.  I'm not a business person sort of person and I don't know the first thing about it but the recession has forced my hand.  If nobody is hiring I have to open up shop for myself.  I'm also having a change of career, about 180 degrees away from engineering so that's not helping the learning curve.  The amount of paperwork and stuff to do and hardest of all, figuring out a name for the business.  Seems like I can't do anything else until I figure out the stupid name.  My friend who started his own business told me that's not true but somehow I'm mentally stuck on the name.  Actually figuring out a name is easy, figuring out a name that no one else is using, not so much.  Anyway between the weather, a mild hamstring sprain that's  a result of the piriformis tightness and my own ennui has led to not much training of any type aside from my regular masters swimming.  A full weekend of class then hopefully by Monday the sun will be back and I'll have shaken the 'deer in the headlights' feeling and will maybe make some progress.  I did sign up for a free 'Start-Up Small Business Workshop' that shows you all the stuff you need to know but that's not until next Thursday and we'll see how crazy I drive myself trying to figure it out myself before then.


  1. Elayne, if you can come up with an initial name, then later when you figure it out, you can file another name 'doing business as', so then your business can have multiple names. It's what I did for Katrina's training business.
    When she first started, we always used Friendship Academy Dog Training, but when the focus became 90% agility, I filed a DBA name of Friendship Academy Agility Dogs. Both names do have to be unique within the state though.
    Hope the new venture works out!

  2. I think that's sort of how my friend explained it except not as coherently. I don't want to fill out paperwork twice though if I can help it. I can figure out a name that hasn't been used in the state but one that hasn't been used by someone nationally or internationally is proving to be a lot harder.

  3. Whoa, cool photos there.

    Good stuff taking it upon yourself to head down a new road. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

  4. I hate picking out names, and I can get stuck on stuff like that, too. I think it depends on how one's mind encapsulates the universe. Lots of magic systems say that if you know something's name, you have power over it. Must be that ancient instinct kicking in! Either that, or procrastination. Good luck with you adventurous venture.