Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hall Ranch

I took a little field trip up to Lyons yesterday for some laps of Hall Ranch. It's only a 15 minute drive but it's a hassle to pack up the bike and gear and do it when I can ride trails right out my back door but the trails out my back door are too easy these days and I need a bit more challenge. Hall is steeper and has some tight switchbacks to practice on. Plus it's beautiful up there.

No rattlesnakes yesterday but Jonny and I saw a huge wild turkey when we were up there a couple weeks ago.  A bit too early for wildflowers but there's still a lot of snow on Long's peak and Meeker so there was some nice scenery to enjoy.

And the rolling hills are always pretty.

You can just see the moon at the top of the photo above the cliff.

Was a perfect day, warm sunny skies and shorts weather.  This morning it was snowing.  May in Colorado.


  1. Every one of those photos could be a postcard... What gorgeous, inspiring country to be in.

  2. Ditto what Mutts said.

    Maybe weather is always funny. Last wednesday, we had record-setting heat for that date. This evening I'm wearing thermal underwear and have the heater on. They're predicting snow down to 3000 feet this weekend (which is low at any time of the year).