Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tour De Lory

Jonny took a vacation day and we took a drive up to Lory State Park so I could pre-ride the race course for my triathlon in August.  The race is a long way off but Lory is completely exposed and gets so hot in summer, this is the ideal time of year to go (or in fall).  The course is fast and furious this year because they took out the big ass hill.  I've done this faster 2-loop course before and there are only a few tricky places but still it's nice to have a little refresher.  Plus it's a fun place to ride, nice smooth single track, beautiful scenery.

 Kind of a cloudy day though the sun did poke it's head out a bit at times.  Perfect trail conditions after all the rain, nice and tacky but dried out enough that there were only a few tiny mud puddles.

Lots of pretty little bays that lead into Horsetooth Reservoir.  This isn't the one we swim in but it's similar.

Parts of the trail are lush

Other parts are exposed.  Most of the trail winds around a lot.  The grass gets a lot taller in summer so you can't see ahead of time which way the trail goes.  Turning skills at speed are handy.  Just like agility.

Another nice little bay poking through the red rocks.

I don't think NADAC would approve of this teeter.  It was so steep I couldn't even sit on my bike to stage a photo.

Notice my perfect 2 on/2 off form.

No, I didn't try the bike agility course.  I'll leave the running dogwalk to Strummer.

These guys were having fun though.  There was a whole row of steep mounds like that placed close together and they were zooming over them.  My stomach was doing loop de loops just watching it.  Probably one of the most scenic bike parks in the country.

Now I have to drive 1/2 an hour to a neighboring town and try to stay awake for 2 hours for a seminar on business start-ups.  Fun times.  Tomorrow we tackle the new Betasso trail, can hardly wait.

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  1. Great scenery, and love the bike teeter. Nice 2o2o form. I note the people watching in the background, thinking "crazy bike lady."