Saturday, May 07, 2016

Ruby Soho

So this happened.

Don't ask me how.  Because TWO is my bestest number of dogs.

I went to agility practice with one dog and came home with two.  Still a little puzzled as to how that happened.  Apparently I have no impulse control.  One of my training partners brought her to practice and midway through brought her out to say 'hi' and that was it.  The dog belonged to her nephew's room mate and the room mate moved out leaving the nephew with the dog.  Then the nephew had to move and the new place doesn't allow dogs.  Because hello Front Range Housing Crunch.  Getting any kind of apartment is a challenge these days for regular folks.  Any kind of housing is a challenge for that matter.  Unless you're a rich Google Silicon Valley transplant.  Then the world is your oyster and everything is So Cheap Dahling.  But for the working stiffs and what's left of the middle class it's another story.  So yeah, three dogs.

Thankfully she fits right in, has perfect manners, a great temperament.  And such a happy wee soul.

Which is why I couldn't resist her.  Such an easy little girl.  I've long wanted a wee dog but the right one never came along.  And she's about as right as it gets.

She doesn't need much training.  Will have to teach her a recall and 'stay' and maybe some loose leash walking.  She's little but remarkably strong when she gets the scent of something.  Super high prey drive so she may never get to go off leash on the Open Space or hiking but we'll see how recall training goes.  Right now we're working on learning how to learn, using the clicker for some simple tricks.  She loves training so far though gets easily frustrated when she doesn't understand what I want so I'm re-learning how to break things down.  Been so long since I've done basic training and it's never been a strength for me so I'm determined this time around to be more patient and thoughtful about it.  And to make it fun for her.  So far she enjoys it.  Don't know what she'll think about agility but we'll give it a try.  If she doesn't like it, no big deal but I think she'll like it.  But for now it's all about the tricks.  And learning to play.  She has zero interest in toys.  Thankfully she goes crazy for food.

She's an energetic little thing but doesn't need a lot of exercise.  She's just as happy to curl up in my lap for a nap as she is to go for a 90 minute walk on the Open Space.  And she easily keeps up with Strummer and me going at my walking pace.  I think she'll be great to take running with me because she just breaks into a run at my running pace.  I want to build her up to that, not sure what kind of exercise she was getting before though she seems fit and active.

Her name is Suzy but we're going to re-name her Ruby Soho or Roo for short.  She has her own theme song.

It is the 20th anniversary of 'Out Come the Wolves'.  Don't even ask me how old that makes me feel.

It's not really like having 3 dogs, right?  More like 2 dogs and a cat.

Yeah, that's what I keep telling myself.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Is There Anything Cuter Than Baby Goats?

Maybe a mini donkey.

Or a mini donkey with baby goats.

On a dogwalk.

I went to visit my friend's hobby farm over the weekend.  Because newborn baby goats.  This little one was born yesterday.  I got out of my car and my friend threw him into my arms and omg the adorableness was overwhelming.  Was so tempted to stuff him away in my Honda Element.  He totally would have fit in Strummy's car crate.

But I live in city limits with not enough land to pass muster with the city.  I can have chickens but baby goats, even mini ones, require an acre (or maybe 1/2) of land and I'm a bit short there.  But sheesh it was tempting.

So stinkin' cute.

It's a good thing I couldn't take any home because how would I choose?

I think it's a frighteningly short jump from Crazy Dog Lady to Crazy Goat Lady.

Plus I think I need a mini donkey too.  I'd be foolish not to.

Must get working on that Moving Plan.  I totally need my own farm.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Day of Speed Weekend

Had a whirlwind weekend of mountain biking down in Castle Rock on Friday then a USDAA trial the opposite direction in Greeley.  Somehow my knees survived all of this.

Met an Xterra friend down in Castle Rock to ride the Ridgeline Rampage bike race course.  Thankfully she'd been on the trails a few times and knew most of the course.  We did have to do some navigating but in the end only missed one turn near the end of a 16 mile course that wasn't signed very well.

Since I was riding with someone else and I was lagging behind a bit I only took one picture.  She was already having to wait for me, didn't want to make her wait for photos.

A nice view of the Continental Divide.

What was I saying the other day about feeling Fit and Feisty on the bike?  Rusty and winded was maybe a better description for the day but I had a great time riding some new to me trails.  And it's nice to ride with someone.  I'm slower but we're not too far apart, not like when I ride with Jonny.

The trails were nice, not technical.  But at times bordering on Front Range Sprawl of McMansions.  Every time I go to Castle Rock I become ever more thankful for Boulder.  It's crowded here but not that crowded.

I'm hoping to be able to do the race in a week and a half.  All depends on the weather.  Right now it's not looking good, rain predicted for all of next week including the weekend.  Of course it can and probably will change by next week.  We'll see what develops.

A 2 1/2 hour mountain bike ride is not the best way to kick of an agility weekend of way more runs per day then I normally enter but oh well.  Saturday was 5 runs, Sunday a whopping 6 runs.  Oddly my knees felt the best they've felt in a long time, no pain to speak of.  I could feel some mild throbbing in my quads when I sat for a while but for the most part my legs felt great and I was moving well during my runs.

Some very challenging course, especially Grand Prix.  Only 2 Q's in all of Performance and I think 3 Q's or so in Championship.  All the 22" dogs were eliminated except one who had 10 faults.  In fact there were only maybe 4 dogs total in the whole class with faults and the rest E'd.  Can't recall ever seeing anything like it.  Lots of people disappointed as they were hoping for a Grand Prix Q to be able to compete at Regionals next month.  I was hoping for one too but no big deal.  I'm not going to Nat's. and I have plenty to enter.  I'll have one last try at the local GP at Regionals but it's no big deal, so expensive to enter anyway but I entered provisionally if we get it.

As for the Grand Prix course I think the biggest issue was that there were so many traps and challenges, one right after the other, if one didn't get you the other did.

Most people ate it at the dogwalk/tunnel discrimination.  The worst option was to wrap the dog to the right.  That set a line straight into the tunnel.  There may have been some who tried a front or blind between 11 and 12 after turning to the right and maybe that worked for a precious few, I can't remember.  I did a reverse spin at 11, got a tight turn and Strum went right up the dogwalk no problem.  I fell victim between Jumps 5 and 6.  I was behind because I had to babysit the teeter a bit so I couldn't cue the tight line between 5 and 6 and got a back jump at 6.  Lots of off courses at the #9 Tunnel as well.  I did front after Jump 8 and it wasted some time but I got the correct tunnel entrance no problem.  Lots of people kept their dog on their right and tried to pull and that mostly didn't work, especially for the fast dogs.  There were a couple few dogs who refused the tunnel at the end including Strummer.  Weird, I don't know what was up there.  The #15 tunnel to Jump #16 was also a challenge.  I ended up further behind than I was hoping there but we pulled it off sort of.  The judge was sympathetic and told us she wouldn't be super strict about the run out plane at 16.

Despite the low Q rate I was happy I entered and got to try the course.  There were many challenging courses this weekend, I'm guessing a very low Q rate in general and we had more E's than normal.  But I'm at a point in my agility career that I'm happy for the challenging courses, don't care that much about Q's, love to have a challenging puzzle to solve.

I'm also at a point where I wish I had my own practice field.  It's frustrating to drive out to the practice field and there are other people already there.  It's especially hard on Strummer because he knows where we're going and starts whining/wailing in anticipation.  It's heartbreaking to have to turn around and deny him.  Or nobody is there when I get there and I spend 20 minutes setting something up and then other people arrive.  I love practicing with my training partner at her place but she doesn't have enough room for a full course and likes to set up courses with small distances between the jumps.  It's just not the same as running a full, real course.  And she doesn't have a dogwalk.  I'm not complaining, so happy to have people to practice with and her yard is great.  But moving forward it will be frustrating for me to train a new dog without having regular access to equipment.  Will have to get going on that move to Cortez though I admit the thought of taking care of acreage is sounding more and more exhausting.

Anyway, I had a great weekend with the challenging courses.  And we did have some success - 1st place in Steeplechase Finals and Strum did both sets of weaves with no bobbles!  Over the moon about that.  I'm feeling ready for Regionals, excited about it too!  My training partner has decided to enter her older dog in Performance so I have a great low pressure teammate.  She's not going to Nat's. and doesn't do that much USDAA so doesn't need or care about a Q.  And there will be Steeplechase and Biathlon, my favorite classes.  Looking forward to it next month.

 Here's a video of Sunday's runs.

I only got Saturday's Steeplechase run somehow, had some technical difficulties that were probably due to an old, dying battery.  At least I hope that's all it is.  Camera kept turning off even though the battery reading had plenty of juice.

Saturday's Steeplechase Round 1

Strummy had a great time.

He loves to watch, though I don't let him get too overstimulated.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Back to Spring

And poof, just like that the snow is gone and we're back to spring.  A nice hike at Hall Ranch last Sunday.  I thought for sure we were having the Zombie Apocalypse because the trail was quiet despite being one of the few trails in Boulder County that didn't have snow/ice/mud going on.  And we had a late start due to agility practice beforehand with my training partner who couldn't get an earlier start.

We came across a deer carcass and decided to turn around.  Didn't want to run into any kitties.  Plus I was a bit tired and stiff from a week of training.  On the one hand it seems like I shouldn't be tired and stiff in April but on the other hand I don't feel like I've lost much strength/fitness during the off season.  Swimming especially is going well and I don't feel completely useless on the bike though I haven't been on any real trails yet.  Hopefully weather and schedules will hold out and I'll meet a woman I know through my coach and Xterra racing this week to pre-ride a trail for a mountain bike race I'm thinking of doing in Castle Rock.  Not looking forward to the drive but at least I can go during off peak traffic hours and it'll be nice to ride with someone my age and ability. 

My flexible schedule is the one thing that's keeping life in Too Many People Land tolerable.  At least I can hit up the trails during the week though there are some trails that are even a bit busy during the week these days.  Jonny's work has given him unlimited vacation so we're planning some good trips for the summer.  I've been spending my allotted computer time (limiting my screen time even more than usual these days - the real world is a good place) immersed in Colorado/Utah mountain bike and hiker blogs to get ideas for new to us, more remote places to go.  Neither of us are big on camping and there's the problem of the dogs so some of the multi-day hike/bike adventures in these blogs won't work for us but I think we'll be able to put together some good day trips.  And at least one visit to Cortez/Mancos/Durango to check things out in the heart of summer.

Agility trial this weekend!  Should be fun.  And good practice for the upcoming USDAA Regionals because it's on artificial turf.  Looks like it could be long days though.  We'll see if I make it to last class on Sunday.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Snow

It's rare that there's enough snow for snowshoeing on the trail near my house so I took advantage of it last week and got 2 snowehoe run/hikes in.

Poor Strummy, he's not a fan of cold feet so he kept to the packed down part of the trail while I stayed in the deeper stuff.

Can't remember the last time I was snowshoeing, forgot how much fun it can be.  Especially when you don't have to drive to the trail.  I only drove the car 3 out of 7 days last week and even then only a couple miles to get to and from the pool.  My pool gear is so heavy, hard to haul it from the car let alone on a bike or walking never mind the scary distracted texting drivers so I drive the 5 minutes to the pool.  Plus a big giant hill on the way.  Stupid, wasteful I know but I've yet to find a solution.

I'm thinking of trying some mountain bike races this spring but one of them is the same weekend as USDAA Regionals.  Coincidentally they're about 5 minutes apart and I can sign up for the bike race close to the start time so I've got a sorta crazy idea about seeing if I can sneak over there for the race in the middle of the day if the schedule works out right.  I know, sounds like a not very great idea but we'll see.  Regionals will take priority, the bike course/trails aren't super interesting and this could well be Strum's last trial unless there are some UKI trials this summer that fit in my triathlon schedule.  Strum turns 11 this month and I'm not a super big fan of double digit dogs doing agility but he seems fine so we'll keep going for the next couple few months.  Hate to take it away from him, he truly loves it.  But don't want him to spend his old age injured.

We needed the moisture and I'm glad for it but ready for spring and itching to hit the trails.  It's melting quickly with the warm temps. but this only means mud season is upon us.  Ah well, it's better than drought.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Springtime in the Rockies

Bike ride in shorts and t-shirt in the mountains yesterday.

View from Poorman Road

And today?

The forecast started out at less than an inch yesterday then went up to 1-3" last night, this a.m. it was 3-5" and at around 11:15 a.m. I measured a foot.  And it's still coming down fast and furious.  Jonny left work just before 11:00 and said there were cars stranded all over the road, in ditches, crazy out there.  Glad I didn't try to go to the pool today.  Looks like a day for Scooby Doo slippers, a cup of cocoa and a good book.  And my weight workout later. 

I was finally feeling mostly recovered from my neck and knee injuries brought on 5-6 weeks ago from too much snow shoveling and skiing.  I'm not even going to try to shovel.  The snow is that heavy, wet back breaking midwestern type snow and it's supposed to be 50 degrees and sunny tomorrow so hopefully enough will melt that I can get out of the driveway.  I may try for some skiing at North Boulder Park if I can get out of the driveway tomorrow but I suspect it'll be too wet and heavy and they might not even groom it.  If so I'll shoot for 45 minutes at the most.  Just yesterday I was telling myself I was done with skiing, it's not worth the injuries and my knee was still a little sore from it on my bike ride.

Was hoping to sign up for a couple of mountain bike races in April and May but I guess we'll see how the weather goes.  Was feeling fit and feisty on the bike yesterday but the trails maybe even the dirt roads are going to be shut down for a good long while.  And I'm so not into the bike trainer.  Maybe once the roads clear I'll head up to the high country for some snow shoeing.  Because clearly I haven't learned my lesson about injuries from snow sports that I almost never do.

Went down a rabbit hole yesterday of holy crap it looks like I'm going to have to go to a race in Arkansas on May 1st if I want to qualify for USAT's offroad world championships in Canada in 2017 which has been my long term goal.  Because USAT thinks it's a great idea to have their off-road nationals at a poorly attended race in an obscure location in May before triathlon season kicks off for most people.  Hello USAT, do you see the snow?  Plus no place to get in open water before May 1st.  Maybe if you live in California or Arkansas you can be ready for this but for most of the country not so much.  It's easy to qualify for Worlds if you go to this race, you only have to finish in the top 18 or something in your age group and I doubt many if any age groups will have this many so pretty much just have to show up and finish.  With 5 weeks until the race there are only 115 people signed up, about 30 women and only 1 woman in my age group.  Not a lot of people going to be going to Canada next year.  The other way to qualify is to be ranked in the top 20 in your age group but they only take 2 people based on rankings and the slots roll down.  So if you're ranked 20 you have to hope that the 18 people ahead of you don't want to go.  And who knows how their rankings work.  I was ranked 8th out of 74 women overall in my age group and 3rd out of 14 in the Mountain Region in 2015 according to Xterra's rankings.  But USAT has me at 17 out of 23 (what happened to the other 51 women?).  And some of the women ahead of me only did one race or didn't even go to Nationals and some I had beaten at races and Xterra had me ranked ahead of them so I don't know how it works.  And I'm not interested enough to try to figure it out.  My coach told me she knows someone who went by petitioning USAT and so few people wanted to go that they allowed her.  Said it was super easy.  So if it comes down to it and I still want to go next year then that's what I'll do.  Because it's a 16 hour drive to freakin' Arkansas and while the race looks appealing, 4 days total of driving does not.  To go to Arkansas.  No offense to Arkansas but I have plenty of super nice places within 2 hours.  All for a race that is a year and half away.  So USAT Worlds in 2017 is on the back burner for now.  Not sure what my goals will be for the year now but I'll come up with something.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mesa Verde National Park Redux

We visited Mesa Verde for the first time ever last June which is criminal considering we've lived in Colorado for over 25 years, and it appears I never wrote about it back then.  I do remember it was hot and crowded and we were tired from Too Much Driving and also some biking at Phil's World.  But in February?  You pretty much have the joint to yourself.  Unfortunately Spruce House which is the largest most intact of the cave dwellings and the one you can usually go right up to, was closed due to a rock slide.  You can get kinda close, just not right up to the dwelling.

Spruce House in February

And some close-up shots from June last year

SO much nicer in February without the teeming hordes.  We drove through more of the park this time and took our time, reading the display signs, even went to the museum.

This one was my favorite, Square Tower House

So amazing how both the original inhabitants and the modern day folk who restored it accessed the area by climbing down on carved out hand and toe holds and ropes and ladders.

Some zoomed in views of other dwellings, much farther away than they look

And a wider shot to show the scale and context of the village.

It's hard to get a sense of scale for these Kivas and pit rooms.

To give an idea if you look in the rectangular depression in the photo above you can see a little dark blob.  Zoomed in it's this poor little guy.

Kinda spooky to find him there.

Another pit room

They even had multi-story cave dwellings

And Border Collies??!!  Showing no interest in a turkey??!!

View from the visitor center parking lot

Such a magical place.  Can't believe the BLM is allowing drilling and fracking right next to this place.  On our public lands.  And charging the oil companies a pittance.  Criminal.  The BLM folks in charge right now ought to be in jail for fraud and corruption, not managing our public lands.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Canyons of the Ancients

This place was so amazing and I'd only heard of it a month ago when I was talking to a local about trails.  And only a half hour drive from Cortez.

T-shirt weather in February!

The trail allows hiking, dogs, mountain bikes and unfortunately drilling.  Site of the McElmo Dome which holds asstons of CO2 which apparently is a valuable commodity to the oil and gas industry.  Who knew?  Supposedly Kinder Morgan, the company doing the drilling, has scaled back a significant amount of their operations due to the tanking of the oil and gas industry at the moment.  And no fracking has occured in all of Montezuma County between 2013-2015 and only one well in 2012.  But that could all change.  I'm anxious to see how this turns out and of course it will impact whether we move to the area or not.  Anyway, we couldn't see or hear any impacts from the drilling, if any was even going on.

The trail was beautiful.  My only regret is that we only went a mile or two up, had to leave Lola in the car because it was too steep for her and didn't want to leave her for too long.

The red and white rock formations reminded me of Sedona.

Maybe a cave dwelling?

So much awesomeness.  Can't wait to go back when I can explore a bit further.  Tough traveling with the dogs though, especially when Lola can go very far.  But the area is huge and if we move here there will be plenty to explore.