Wednesday, April 27, 2011

USDAA survey

You know the recession is bad when USDAA wants competitors' opinions. I was surprised but pleased to receive a survey from them in my email. I know entry to USDAA trials around here has plummeted, in some cases entries are down by around 50% and trials are going from 2 rings back down to one. Part of this is due to the economy and people not traveling from out of state but I know a good number of people who are jaded with the organization for one reason or another and have decided to spend their shrinking/vanishing paychecks in other places, including myself. I used to attend every USDAA trial within 2 1/4 hours and maybe drive out of state once a year. But last year I only attended 4 USDAA trials and for 3 of those trials I only went 1 day. This year I have 5 on my schedule but I'm considering canceling at least one of them and I limit the amount of classes/days that I enter. Regionals are a 50 minute or so drive and I'm not going this year, mostly because they're not offering titling classes and I have no plans to go to Nationals. Those tournament classes at Regionals cost a fortune, even more so than a regular trial, and since I'm still trying to resolve Strum's height class he would have to be in Performance. It's not worth the money and time/effort to me to run him in Performance tournaments.

Anyway, I can't figure out how to post a link to the survey directly. I think the link they sent in the email only works for one survey which makes sense. But if anyone is interested in voicing an opinion to USDAA then maybe you can try emailing the office at and asking for a survey. I know I had plenty to say. Not sure what they'll do with it but at least they're asking which is a positive move.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard

But I say, 'Oh Cancer!  Up Yours!'  Most of you probably have never heard of Poly Styrene but she passed away from breast cancer yesterday and she was something special to me so she deserves a little mention here. It's a bit spooky as well because just the other day I made a rare visit to my Facebook page and re-posted an X-Ray Spex video that someone else had posted. I hadn't thought about her in ages and this video was perfect (I'll post it below).  Anyway, she was a singer in one of the original punk rock bands, X-Ray Spex, back in the 70's, a feminist and way ahead of her time.  She had such a powerful voice (she was a trained opera singer) and presence and had so much to say.  She continued with her music and activism into her adulthood.  It makes me sad that she's gone and also that there are no young powerful female singers to carry on the legacy.


Germ Free Adolescents

Oh Bondage!  Up Yours!

Recent interview and a little history about her

Monday, April 25, 2011

Week in training

Swim: 7350 yards/3 hours, 10 mins.

Mountain bike: 20.1 miles/2 hours, 20 mins.

Run: 5.45 miles/1 hour, 24 mins. of 6 mins. run/1 min. walk

Power Hike: 1.75 miles/53 mins.

Total training time: 7 hours, 47 mins.

120.4 lbs (-.9 lbs)

Piriformis felt much better this week though running was still difficult. However yesterday's power hike up the Hogback went well, no pain at all and I as doing a real one, not an easier pace as I had originally planned. No pain today either, just some tightness in my hip when I woke up. I'm confident running will go better this week.

Eased up on the biking this week to give the piriformis a break and do more running. The strong winds kicked up at the worst possible time while I was on the east end of the Rez and I had a hellish time battling the head wind to get home.

Swimming is in a good place, 100's are in the mid-30's if I can draft but push up to the low 40's if I'm leading the lane. I didn't make it to any of the harder, higher yardage workouts, did all the lower yardage, skills focused workouts but that's o.k. It was mostly for convenience sake, fitting in workouts with the weather and my schedule but I think it turned out to be a good thing.

I asked the coach if she'd teach me to do flip turns because I have a pool triathlon this July. My last attempt at this was many many years ago and I gave up because I kept getting too much water up my nose and decided I don't need no steenkin' flip turns. Today I practiced just the somersault part but from a swim rather than from a standstill which is how I originally tried it and this worked a lot better. By my fourth lap of 5 strokes freestyle then somersault then repeat I was doing them no problem and no water up my nose. Maybe there's hope for me yet.

I have either a class or a trial for the next 6 weekends so keeping up with my training may prove difficult. I may have to try focusing on quality over quantity, not an ideal situation for this part of the season but oh well.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Quick dogwalk practice

Today I worked on fading the need to face Strummer to get him to shorten his stride/not leap with the tunnel at the end of the dogwalk.  I faced him for the first 3 reps then faced sideways or forward and moved to a forward position for the rest.  He had some pretty good success.  Adding motion will be the hard part, I'll start with that next week after at least one more session of varying positon.


7/8 (88%) total

2/2 (100%) full dogwalks

5/6 (83%) backchained dogwalk

4/5 (80%) not facing him

Set-up was dogwalk-tunnel

Friday, April 22, 2011

AKC Finals course and more dogwalk

My practice field had the AKC finals course from the recent Nationals set up last weekend so Strum and I gave it a shot.

Here's the course.

On our first shot Strum knocked the first bar.  On our second shot he ran clean to the dogwalk where I thought he made it and I stopped to reward him profusely but as it turned out it was a weird sort of miss.  Then I got behind on the straight run from 17 to 20 and he took the #12 jump.  I knew this would be a problem when I walked it but I couldn't see much of a way to get ahead.  A rear cross at the #19 tunnel only puts you further behind and when I tried it I got the #11 jump.  I checked out some videos on Youtube and there were at least one or two other handlers with fast dogs that got the #11 jump with the rear or a refusal at #20.   Eventually I realized I had to trust him after the chute and run as fast as I could and finally that did the trick.  A good example of that is here, Rosanne DeMascio's win in the 20" class.  As an aside, she's coming to the Boulder County Fairgrounds to give a seminar on November 19-21.  FRAC members have the first shot at working spots and in the past they've gone quickly so if anyone local or semi-local is interested you might want to consider joining FRAC.  Anyway, she does a nice job of running ahead and keeping an eye on and connection with her dog, something I've been focusing on a lot lately for myself.  I handled the rest of the course almost completely differently from her.  Wish the course was still set up, I'd like to try the double rear crosses she did from after 4 to7.  I did double fronts and it would be interesting to compare.  The handler with the 2nd place run from the same class was behind the tunnel exit when her dog came out of the tunnel but the dog continued on a straight path to the finish.  I'm guessing she used a verbal.  Of the videos I saw of people with fast dogs very few people had success with that sequence if they weren't past the tunnel exit when the dog came out.  This seemed to be the only challenging part of the course and only challenging if you had a really fast dog.  Seems like it tested the handler's physical abilities more than anything.

The set-up at the practice field had the 1-2 jumps a bit to the left of the teeter so 3 to 4 was like a threadle in order to get a good safe approach to the teeter.  I started out with Strum on my right, did forward send to 2 then a little backy-uppy between 3 and 4 to handle the threadle.  A front after 4 and another front after 5.  I handled 8-9-10 like a serp with a rear cross on the flat between 9 and 10 but I didn't like that much.  I was standing around waiting for the rear, could have easily got a front in instead.  A lot of people on the videos did a front between 8 and 9 but I didn't like that option with 8 being a tire and the difficulty of getting in there for a forward motion front cross.  I kept Strum on my right all the way to the #14 tunnel.  A lateral send between 11 and 12 kept him off the #20 jump no problem.  Most people on the videos did a front after the weaves and I'm guessing it's so they could be in position to manage the tunnel-dogwalk turn.  You see this all the time in DOCNA, sometimes in a gamble, so we've practiced this to the point where he's fairly independent and I can get a head start on the dogwalk and trust him to get on the dogwalk and manage his entrance so I stayed to the left of the tunnel entrance and had a nice head start on the dogwalk.  The rest of the course was just a horse race.

This morning I was at the field bright and early in some bad winds to practice the dogwalk.  I don't like putting him on the dogwalk in high winds but they weren't quite to level that I would consider dangerous, more annoying than anything.  Nonetheless I did mostly backchaining from the top of the down ramp so he wouldn't get caught in a gust running full speed.  We did do a couple of full dpgwalks and a few reps of backchaining from further back when the winds seemed calm.

Since the past 4 practices with the dogwalk-tunnel set up have been so unsuccessful (40%-50% success rates) I decided to stand facing the down ramp so he'd shorten his stride and start having some success.  Once I felt he was going to make the contact I turned and sent him in the tunnel.  His success rate for these reps was 100% (or close, I didn't go back to check) and the misses happened when I tried to fade facing him and/or added some movement.  However he did have 3 hits where I was facing the tunnel or not directly facing the walk so he was starting to get the hang of it.  The effect of my location/motion is obvious in the video.

I think what this shows is that I did a poor job of fading the treat gizmo and tossed toys and that the tunnel is a different challenge than a jump.  Yeah, I know, DUH.  But we need to work through this and I think that if he can get this then he's going to have a better understanding of what he's supposed to do.  He's not nearly as sensitive to my position or motion when there's a jump so this is a good way to work on generalizing the behavior.

If I had this to do over I'd introduce obstacles after the plank from the very start of the plank on the ground.  Not during the initial stages of training but after the dog was running the flat plank I'd put a tunnel.  And I'd do it at each stage as well.  I did most of my early training in my backyard and didn't have enough space for a tunnel.  I did put a jump and that's probably part of the reason why he's so much better with jumps.


12/17 (70%) 

Again, I think all the misses were when I wasn't facing the dogwalk but we did have 3 successes with me not directly facing the dogwalk.  I'm going to continue with this next week but also maybe throw in a session with a jump and some tossed toys so we don't forget that.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Week in Training

Swim:  8350 yards/3 hours, 14 mins.

Mountain bike:  0 (oh dear)

Run:  4.7 miles/1 hour, 10 mins. of 6 mins. run/1 min. walk

Slow Power Hike:  1.75 miles/1 hour (approx.)

Total training time:  5 hours, 24 mins.

121.3 lbs (-.7 lbs)

I decided to take some time off of my feet at the start of the week to let the piriformis calm down a bit.  With each day I saw a huge improvement so I took a few more days than I had originally planned because I felt so much better each day.  Then we got hit with some snow and somehow the week got away from me without putting any time in on the bike.  However the good news is that I did get in a couple of runs and a substantial hike (did the Hogback Trail from home, 6.35 miles in total).  I did a sort of slower power hike on the up portion of the Hogback Trail and I only counted time/mileage from the Hogback loop.  Regular la de da hiking doesn't contribute to my training so I don't want to count it.  Anyway, piriformis felt good this morning after yesterday's hike and today's run went much better than Friday's so I'm going to keep at it with the running and hiking.  I do have to balance the biking in though and next week will be a test of what combination I can handle.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Agility weekly wrap-up

Had a fun handling practice this morning in the wind.  I felt like I was doing o.k. and handling things smoothly, thinking about things but not overthinking.  Then I got home and saw the video and realized how many mistakes there were.  Oh well, I had fun anyway.  We had some back sides of jumps in Exercise #1 and a threadle in Exercise #3 that took me a while to recognize as a threadle.  I struggled with it a bit then realized, duh, it's a threadle and once I handled it like a threadle it was no problemo.

I probably should have stopped at the coffee shop on the way to practice, apparently I'm still a little out of it at 8:30 a.m. on a Sunday.

Dogwalk practice this week went downhill once again but I changed the set-up and expected a degradation on the behavior.  I replaced the jump at the end of the dogwalk with a tunnel and this has always been a problem for Strummer.  I have lots of theories about the why of it but not so many about how to fix it other than to keep at it until he gets it.  These videos go back in time as you go down the post.  I'm mostly posting them for myself, nothing too impressive to see in any of them.  I'm hoping he starts getting it next week or I may go back to the jump just so he can have some success again.  Next trial is in 3 weeks, ugh.  I was so sure I'd have this fixed by now.

Friday, April 15


8/15 (53%) total

8/10 (80%) backchained

0/5 (0%) full

Wednesday April 13


8/12 (67%) total

5/6 (83%) low dogwalk

3/4 (75%) low dogwalk backchained

2/2 (100%) low dogwalk full

3/6 (50%) regular dogwalk

2/5 (40%) regular dogwalk backchained

1/1 (100%) regular dogwalk full

The dogwalk was lowered when I got to the training field so I thought I'd see if he would have problems with the low dogwalk.  He did great and what that tells me is that he does have a good foundation.  These stats aren't accurate either because I had some technical problems with the camera and I missed a good chunk of practice on the high dogwalk that did not go well.  One of the more frustrating practices I've had in some time and I got a bit mad at myself for getting frustrated.  Even through Friday's practice didn't go well I made sure that I had a much better attitude about it.

April 7


5/11 (45%) total

2/5 (45%) backchained

3/6 (50%) full

This was the first time with the new dogwalk-tunnel set-up so I started out with some backchaining but it didn't seem to matter, he was still missing quite a bit.  I realize now it was nearly a week until I tried again so I must have been fairly discouraged.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Birds 'n Dogs

The Bluebirds have invaded my neighborhood.  If I'd known I'd have gone out with my nice telephoto but all I had was my point 'n shoot.

Foothills trail.  There were even more of them, so many I couldn't get them all in one shot.

The Prairie Dogs were out as well, sassin' it up in the warm sun.

This guy hopped up onto his hind legs to pose for the camera and after I took my picture he went back on all fours and went about his business, muttering 'stupid tourist' under his breath.

The Meadowlarks were also out in full force.

The real purpose of the hike though was to go up the Hogback to see if my piriformis would behave.  No power hiking this time but I did go up the steep bits faster than my regular 'La De Da' hiking pace.  I think for now this will be a good compromise.  I was plenty sore when I got home but the pain was manageable.  But enough about stupid aches and pains.

A light dusting of snow on Sugarloaf from a spring snowstorm the other day.

Some nice rocks with the Boulder Rez peeking through from behind.

View of Wonderland Lake and Boulder beyond from the Hogback.  It's amazing how quickly the trail gains elevation.  It's super steep but not very long distance wise.

The trail is rocky at the top.

View of the foothills from the Hogback.

Gratuitous photo of blue Colorado sky.  It was a nicer day than it looked in the other photos.  Shorts and sunscreen weather.

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Week In Training

My piriformis had some harsh words for me this week so it was kind of a rough week.  Not sure if it was from the agility trial or what.  I eliminated the power hiking this week and only ran once which did not go well.  I had a chat with the chiroprator/p.t. about it and his suggestion was to keep at it though don't go running/hiking through any sharp pain.  If I rest the piriformis it will feel better but it'll shorten up and then when I start up again I'll have to go through all of this once again.  So I'm going back to the run/walk on rolling terrain, maybe a hike toward the end of the week if I feel I can tolerate it.  I have to ice it as well.  Supposedly he's seen a lot of cases like this resolve under this plan but it will likely take months.  Fun.  I'm hoping I don't develop any compensatory injuries in the meantime.

Was also dragging in general after the agility trial.  Not sure why those things knock the stuffing out of me, especially since I only had one dog doing 2 runs a day.  Could have been the dust in the arena, maybe it takes a few days for it to totally work its way out of my lungs.

I started logging my numbers into an online spreadsheet through Training Peaks so the format here may change to a simple weekly posting of number totals for the week unless I can figure out how to post their fancy pie charts and graphs over here.  As things get busier I know I won't keep such a detailed log here but I want to keep up with tracking the numbers so the commercial log is the easiest and it's free.


Swim:  2400 yards (mid-day masters, Amy coach, tired and dragging behind)

121.6 lbs.


Agility:  Running dogwalk practice in the a.m.

Mountain Bike:  16.5 miles/1 hours, 54 mins. (Broadway/Eagle Trail/Boulder Valley Loop/Left
                        Hand out and back/home via Boulder Valley/Eagle/Broadway, Windy!)


Swim:  2450 yards (mid-day masters, Curt coach, slow, 100's were low 140's instead of high 130's)

121.9 lbs.


Agility:  Running dogwalk in the a.m. and zig-zag drill, hard to run, piriformis sore

Chiropractor in the afternoon


Mountain Bike:  21.75 miles/2 hours, 5 mins. (Broadway/Eagle Trail/Boulder Valley Loop/Left
                        Hand out and back/Boulder Rez loop/home via Boulder Valley/Eagle/Broadway
                        Winds were calm.  Warm, 60's.


Run:  2.1 miles/30 mins. (6 mins. run/1 min. walk, concrete bike path in Westminster)
         Piriformis was very sore, hard to run properly.



2 mile walk at lunch.


Total Training Hours:  6:29:00

Swim:  4850 yards/2:00:00

Mtn Bike:  38.25 yards/3:59:00

Run:  2.10 mi/30 mins. (6 mins. run/1 min. walk)

122 lbs (+.4)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

More Dogwalk Happiness

Another good training session this morning except for the part where the camera fell over and I missed the first few reps. which contained a miss.  The other 2 reps. you'll have to take my work for it that they were hits.  I was doing much better with my throwing and watching the contact as well.


Set-up was 20" jump-dogwalk-12" jump-treat gizmo for first 3 reps then no gizmo and I used the 2-toy technique.

5/7 (71%) or 6/7 (86%), one rep. was so close I don't know how to count it.  All full dogwalks.

In any case I think he's close enough to the 80% success rate for 2 sessions that he's ready for a new challenge.  Next time, a tunnel after the dogwalk.

I also worked on some A-frames and they all looked pretty fabulous, not sure what was going on at the trial.  Next time I'll film some A-frames to be completely sure I'm seeing hits that are really hits.

Week in Training

Got some good training in despite the loss of the weekend to an agility trial.  Cut back on the power hiking and didn't do any running because my piriformis is extremely irritated.  So much so that I went to the extremes of an ice bath on Thursday.  I truly loathe ice baths but I was hoping I'd feel better for the trial on the weekend.  I did feel better right after the ice bath but was sore by the end of the day Saturday so much so that when I walked up to the door of a friend's house on Sat. night she said, 'What's wrong with you?!' in a concerned tone.  I was apparently gimping badly and didn't even realize it.  It was tight and sore all day Sunday.  Whine whine, moan moan.  The weird thing is the pain is bad right after the hike then goes away the next day but then returns the day after that after I do something like ride my bike.  Anyway I want to consult with the chiro./P.T. guy and in the meantime I'm tired of the persistent pain so I'm easing off the running and power hiking for now.


Swim:  2300 yards/1 hour (mid-day masters, Amy coach) (tired)

Walk:  1.8 miles/40 mins. w/ Cody & Lola (around the park/17th/Oak/15th)

123.5 lbs.


Agility:  Handling and running dogwalk

Mountain Bike:  21.75 miles/2 hours, 15 mins. (Broadway/Eagle Trail/Boulder Valley Loop/Left
                        Hand out and back/Boulder Rez loop/home via Boulder Valley/Eagle/Broadway
                        On the cold side, mid-40's and breezy at times, intermittent sun

Walk:  1 mile/20 mins. cool down w/ Strummer


Swimming:  2200 yards/1 hour (mid-day masters, new coach, I didn't hear his name)

Interesting practice, after 45 minutes we had 1800 yards so I thought we'd get in some serious yardage but after that we worked on drills and only logged another 350 yards.  Oh well, the main set was a good one.  I never thought I'd make the intervals but with drafting 5 secs. behind the person in front of me I made them no problem.

300 free on 5:15 (swam it in 4:50 or 1:37/100 yards pace)

4 X 25 yards butterfly (4th person rest)

200 free on 3:30 (swam it in 3:15 or 1:38/100 yards pace)

4 X 25 yards backstroke (4th person rest)

100 free on 1:45 (can't remember my pace, was probably 1:37-1:38)

4 X 25 yards breast stroke (I did a mix of fly and back)

50 yards on :55 (swam it in :43 or 1:26/100 yards pace)

I'm still slow for a real swimmer but not too bad for a recreational triathlete.  This is probably the fastest I've ever been in the pool.  Three times a week practice makes a difference.  But for triathlon racing it won't amount to that big of a difference time-wise.  Still it's fun to try to improve for the heck of it.

Power Hike:  1.4 miles (approx.) 30 mins of 4 mins. power hike/1 min. hike (Mt. Sanitas, 20 mins.
                    up, 10 mins. down)

Hike:  .5 mile (approx.) 10 mins.

Walk:  2.6 miles/1 hour w/ Cody & Lola

122.0 lbs.


Agility:  running dogwalk practice, 100%, yay!

Swim:  3000 yards/1 hour (mid-day masters, Wolfgang coach)  Can't remember the last time I had 3000 yards in a workout.  Thursdays are not for the 'La De Da' crowd.  I swam in a lane where the intervals where fine for me but challenging but the other people in the lane were way too fast especially for the 400 yard interval.  I was pushing off the wall for my last 50 yards and the leader was coming in to finish.  And I still had a whopping 20 seconds or so to spare on the interval so I was in a good lane for me but these other folks were seriously sandbagging.  I don't get that but it's their workout, as long as they follow the intervals I don't care but it does screw the lane up if they have to pass people.

Walk:  3.3 miles/1 hour (1 mile Strummer cool down, 2.3 miles Cody & Lola through neighborhood)

121.3 lbs.


Mountain Bike:  21.75 miles/2 hours, 22 mins. (Broadway/Eagle Trail/Boulder Valley Loop/Left
                        Hand out and back/Boulder Rez loop/home via Boulder Valley/Eagle/Broadway


Agility trial


Swim:  7500 yards/3 hours

Mountain Bike:  43.5 miles/4 hour, 37 minutes

Run:  0

Power Hike:  1.4 miles (approx.)/30 mins. of 4 mins. power hike/1 min.

Total Training Hours:  8 hours, 7 minutes

Walk:  8.7 miles/3 hours (approx.)

Hike:  .5 miles/10 mins.

121.6 lbs. (-1.9 lbs.)

Monday, April 04, 2011


Record breaking heat, high winds, wildfires, blizzard, and fire alarms forcing us to evacuate the arena for nearly half an hour, I don't think we missed a trick this weekend.  April is always interesting in Colorado.  Freaky acts of nature aside it was a fun weekend.  Best part was Strum got a CMJ measurement under 21" (20 3/4") so if he can get one more CMJ to measure under then he gets to play in Championship.  The next CMJ at a trial we're planning on going to isn't until August though so for now we still have to play in Performance for 2 more trials.  And Strum turned 6 last month so it's doubtful we'll ever get very far in USDAA but at this point it would be nice to have the option and even if we stay in Performance at least I can move him down to 16" as a vet.  Because USDAA's new Vet Program is pretty suck-o-riffic.  You can't bring your legs with you and continue with your titles so what's the point?  And the dog has to be 8 years old which is better than the 9 they started out with but still not on par with the 7 that every other venue allows.  It's a nice amenity for people whose dogs easily measure into Championship but it's a slap in the face to people with big dogs who spent their whole career in Performance.

 The theme of the weekend was that I was behind.  Speed Jumping was crazy fast, even more so than any DOCNA course I've run lately.  I was so sure we'd make the finals but I got too far behind on a straight line of jumps and Strum ran past the second to last jump.  I tried what I could to get ahead, even was able to leave him on the A-frame but my short little legs couldn't quite keep up and he got a stride ahead of me.  I contemplated a front cross at the A-frame but that would have put me even further behind and I figured we'd miss the last jump or maybe have the bar down.  Oh well, there's always next time.

Speed Jumping

I put some music by Belly on the video in honor of my friend Josh who passed away on April 4th a long long time ago at way too young an age.  Belly's singer, Tonya Donnelly, was apparently a good friend and comfort to him and his family towards the end so a little music from her to remember them all.

Advanced Jumpers was a fun course but again I was behind on the opening line of jumps and had a hard time getting him over #4 causing the only knocked bar of the weekend.  I had walked a front cross between 16 and 17 but ended up doing a rear which put me behind for the last jump.  He got it with another rear but the turn was way too wide.  If I'd gotten my front in I probably could have run that final line no problem.

We missed a Q (and our ticket out of Starters) in Snooker by one point, the little stinker missed an A-frame contact so we were one point short.

Got a Q and first place in Advanced Gamblers.  And unfortunately those were are only runs for the weekend.  I could never do AKC, 2 runs per day is way too boring.  I only even signed up for this trial because of the CMJ.  I am going to sign up for more runs for the USDAA trial in May because I'm confident Strum's dogwalk will be good by then.  He got called for about half his A-frames at this trial, very bad.  I'm not sure what's going on with that but we'll be back to practicing those.

Trial Stats

Perf. Advanced Gamblers Q, 1st place

Didn't do any dogwalks

A-frames:  3/6 (50%)

Weave entries:  0/2 (0%)  At least he didn't pop out.

Knocked bars:  1, handler caused, jumping was excellent this trial

Teeters:  2/2 (100%)

Friday, April 01, 2011

Month in Training

You can never have too many numbers, yes?  Low on the running/power hiking but that's because I'm following a rehab program and I've been strict about keeping to it.  Can't rush that.  Swim numbers are too high relative to bike numbers but that'll change once the weather is more bike friendly.  I'm not a fan of the bike trainer. 

March totals:

Swim:  28,650 yards/12 hours

Mountain Bike:  129.9 miles/15 hours, 23 mins.

Run:  9.9 miles/2 hours, 40 mins.

Power Hike:  7.0 miles/2 hours

Total Training Hours:  32 hours, 20 mins. (I know this doesn't add up, something got lost somewhere)

Walk:  39.6 miles

Hike:  5.3 miles

121.3 lbs (-5.1 lbs., was hoping for -8 but I'll take it)