Monday, April 11, 2011

Week In Training

My piriformis had some harsh words for me this week so it was kind of a rough week.  Not sure if it was from the agility trial or what.  I eliminated the power hiking this week and only ran once which did not go well.  I had a chat with the chiroprator/p.t. about it and his suggestion was to keep at it though don't go running/hiking through any sharp pain.  If I rest the piriformis it will feel better but it'll shorten up and then when I start up again I'll have to go through all of this once again.  So I'm going back to the run/walk on rolling terrain, maybe a hike toward the end of the week if I feel I can tolerate it.  I have to ice it as well.  Supposedly he's seen a lot of cases like this resolve under this plan but it will likely take months.  Fun.  I'm hoping I don't develop any compensatory injuries in the meantime.

Was also dragging in general after the agility trial.  Not sure why those things knock the stuffing out of me, especially since I only had one dog doing 2 runs a day.  Could have been the dust in the arena, maybe it takes a few days for it to totally work its way out of my lungs.

I started logging my numbers into an online spreadsheet through Training Peaks so the format here may change to a simple weekly posting of number totals for the week unless I can figure out how to post their fancy pie charts and graphs over here.  As things get busier I know I won't keep such a detailed log here but I want to keep up with tracking the numbers so the commercial log is the easiest and it's free.


Swim:  2400 yards (mid-day masters, Amy coach, tired and dragging behind)

121.6 lbs.


Agility:  Running dogwalk practice in the a.m.

Mountain Bike:  16.5 miles/1 hours, 54 mins. (Broadway/Eagle Trail/Boulder Valley Loop/Left
                        Hand out and back/home via Boulder Valley/Eagle/Broadway, Windy!)


Swim:  2450 yards (mid-day masters, Curt coach, slow, 100's were low 140's instead of high 130's)

121.9 lbs.


Agility:  Running dogwalk in the a.m. and zig-zag drill, hard to run, piriformis sore

Chiropractor in the afternoon


Mountain Bike:  21.75 miles/2 hours, 5 mins. (Broadway/Eagle Trail/Boulder Valley Loop/Left
                        Hand out and back/Boulder Rez loop/home via Boulder Valley/Eagle/Broadway
                        Winds were calm.  Warm, 60's.


Run:  2.1 miles/30 mins. (6 mins. run/1 min. walk, concrete bike path in Westminster)
         Piriformis was very sore, hard to run properly.



2 mile walk at lunch.


Total Training Hours:  6:29:00

Swim:  4850 yards/2:00:00

Mtn Bike:  38.25 yards/3:59:00

Run:  2.10 mi/30 mins. (6 mins. run/1 min. walk)

122 lbs (+.4)


  1. Anonymous6:56 PM

    who/what is that photo that shows itself partially and briefly while your blog is loading?

  2. I'm such an idiot -- I was racking my brain trying to think what in heck kind of doctor or specialist a piriformis is... Heh.

    Sorry for the grief it's giving you -- that's just no fun at all. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. Hmmm, when I click on my blog it loads right away and I don't see a photo so I'm not sure what the photo could be. It could be the background photo of the blog and that's a mountain biker. I'll check the settings tomorrow when I'm not so sleepy to see if I've inadvertently set something but whatever it is it's not intentional. Maybe Blogger is sticking in subliminal messages ; )

    Dr. Piriformis is doing much better tonight but if he continues to act up I may have to knock him out with some drugs.

  4. Whew! I got tired just reading about your schedule. I bet your dogs love you for providing such fun. I think I should start a hiking program to get me into better shape,and provide a new experience for my pack

  5. Hiking is great fun for both humans and dogs.

  6. Anonymous11:56 AM

    well, i think it was a mountain biker dude, but today it's barbed wire.

  7. I switched the background as long as I was messing around in the settings. Blogger has patterns you can choose from for a background so I go with those. I don't see the full background when I start up my blog, it loads instantaneously, but maybe that has to do with individual browsers or internet connection speeds or something.