Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Week in Training

Got some good training in despite the loss of the weekend to an agility trial.  Cut back on the power hiking and didn't do any running because my piriformis is extremely irritated.  So much so that I went to the extremes of an ice bath on Thursday.  I truly loathe ice baths but I was hoping I'd feel better for the trial on the weekend.  I did feel better right after the ice bath but was sore by the end of the day Saturday so much so that when I walked up to the door of a friend's house on Sat. night she said, 'What's wrong with you?!' in a concerned tone.  I was apparently gimping badly and didn't even realize it.  It was tight and sore all day Sunday.  Whine whine, moan moan.  The weird thing is the pain is bad right after the hike then goes away the next day but then returns the day after that after I do something like ride my bike.  Anyway I want to consult with the chiro./P.T. guy and in the meantime I'm tired of the persistent pain so I'm easing off the running and power hiking for now.


Swim:  2300 yards/1 hour (mid-day masters, Amy coach) (tired)

Walk:  1.8 miles/40 mins. w/ Cody & Lola (around the park/17th/Oak/15th)

123.5 lbs.


Agility:  Handling and running dogwalk

Mountain Bike:  21.75 miles/2 hours, 15 mins. (Broadway/Eagle Trail/Boulder Valley Loop/Left
                        Hand out and back/Boulder Rez loop/home via Boulder Valley/Eagle/Broadway
                        On the cold side, mid-40's and breezy at times, intermittent sun

Walk:  1 mile/20 mins. cool down w/ Strummer


Swimming:  2200 yards/1 hour (mid-day masters, new coach, I didn't hear his name)

Interesting practice, after 45 minutes we had 1800 yards so I thought we'd get in some serious yardage but after that we worked on drills and only logged another 350 yards.  Oh well, the main set was a good one.  I never thought I'd make the intervals but with drafting 5 secs. behind the person in front of me I made them no problem.

300 free on 5:15 (swam it in 4:50 or 1:37/100 yards pace)

4 X 25 yards butterfly (4th person rest)

200 free on 3:30 (swam it in 3:15 or 1:38/100 yards pace)

4 X 25 yards backstroke (4th person rest)

100 free on 1:45 (can't remember my pace, was probably 1:37-1:38)

4 X 25 yards breast stroke (I did a mix of fly and back)

50 yards on :55 (swam it in :43 or 1:26/100 yards pace)

I'm still slow for a real swimmer but not too bad for a recreational triathlete.  This is probably the fastest I've ever been in the pool.  Three times a week practice makes a difference.  But for triathlon racing it won't amount to that big of a difference time-wise.  Still it's fun to try to improve for the heck of it.

Power Hike:  1.4 miles (approx.) 30 mins of 4 mins. power hike/1 min. hike (Mt. Sanitas, 20 mins.
                    up, 10 mins. down)

Hike:  .5 mile (approx.) 10 mins.

Walk:  2.6 miles/1 hour w/ Cody & Lola

122.0 lbs.


Agility:  running dogwalk practice, 100%, yay!

Swim:  3000 yards/1 hour (mid-day masters, Wolfgang coach)  Can't remember the last time I had 3000 yards in a workout.  Thursdays are not for the 'La De Da' crowd.  I swam in a lane where the intervals where fine for me but challenging but the other people in the lane were way too fast especially for the 400 yard interval.  I was pushing off the wall for my last 50 yards and the leader was coming in to finish.  And I still had a whopping 20 seconds or so to spare on the interval so I was in a good lane for me but these other folks were seriously sandbagging.  I don't get that but it's their workout, as long as they follow the intervals I don't care but it does screw the lane up if they have to pass people.

Walk:  3.3 miles/1 hour (1 mile Strummer cool down, 2.3 miles Cody & Lola through neighborhood)

121.3 lbs.


Mountain Bike:  21.75 miles/2 hours, 22 mins. (Broadway/Eagle Trail/Boulder Valley Loop/Left
                        Hand out and back/Boulder Rez loop/home via Boulder Valley/Eagle/Broadway


Agility trial


Swim:  7500 yards/3 hours

Mountain Bike:  43.5 miles/4 hour, 37 minutes

Run:  0

Power Hike:  1.4 miles (approx.)/30 mins. of 4 mins. power hike/1 min.

Total Training Hours:  8 hours, 7 minutes

Walk:  8.7 miles/3 hours (approx.)

Hike:  .5 miles/10 mins.

121.6 lbs. (-1.9 lbs.)

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