Monday, April 25, 2011

Week in training

Swim: 7350 yards/3 hours, 10 mins.

Mountain bike: 20.1 miles/2 hours, 20 mins.

Run: 5.45 miles/1 hour, 24 mins. of 6 mins. run/1 min. walk

Power Hike: 1.75 miles/53 mins.

Total training time: 7 hours, 47 mins.

120.4 lbs (-.9 lbs)

Piriformis felt much better this week though running was still difficult. However yesterday's power hike up the Hogback went well, no pain at all and I as doing a real one, not an easier pace as I had originally planned. No pain today either, just some tightness in my hip when I woke up. I'm confident running will go better this week.

Eased up on the biking this week to give the piriformis a break and do more running. The strong winds kicked up at the worst possible time while I was on the east end of the Rez and I had a hellish time battling the head wind to get home.

Swimming is in a good place, 100's are in the mid-30's if I can draft but push up to the low 40's if I'm leading the lane. I didn't make it to any of the harder, higher yardage workouts, did all the lower yardage, skills focused workouts but that's o.k. It was mostly for convenience sake, fitting in workouts with the weather and my schedule but I think it turned out to be a good thing.

I asked the coach if she'd teach me to do flip turns because I have a pool triathlon this July. My last attempt at this was many many years ago and I gave up because I kept getting too much water up my nose and decided I don't need no steenkin' flip turns. Today I practiced just the somersault part but from a swim rather than from a standstill which is how I originally tried it and this worked a lot better. By my fourth lap of 5 strokes freestyle then somersault then repeat I was doing them no problem and no water up my nose. Maybe there's hope for me yet.

I have either a class or a trial for the next 6 weekends so keeping up with my training may prove difficult. I may have to try focusing on quality over quantity, not an ideal situation for this part of the season but oh well.


  1. Nice job on the week! I love flip-turns now that I'm doing them consistently - you'll definitely appreciate them for a pool race.

  2. Oh I know, I can't believe I've taken so long to learn them. The tri is a short sprint and it's just for fun, a warm-up/tune-up type race, I think the swim is only 500 yards but still, any advantage helps. And maybe I can finally move up a lane in masters! That would be even better, never mind the race.

  3. That's great that you're figuring out the flip turns. It's never too late to learn when you get the right help, right? I've been eying the Y flyers (how's that for alliteration?) that keep coming in about swim lessons and thinking maybe I should give another shot at learning to breathe while doing the crawl. Had lessons off and on from when I was in kindergarten through probably 6th grade, and again every bloody year in high school, and never learned it. Tried it on my own a few times when my parents owned a pool, but yeah water up my nose and inhaling or swallowing it, too. Maybe I'm more motivated now, don't know why, I'm not much into spending time in the pool anyway.