Monday, April 18, 2011

Week in Training

Swim:  8350 yards/3 hours, 14 mins.

Mountain bike:  0 (oh dear)

Run:  4.7 miles/1 hour, 10 mins. of 6 mins. run/1 min. walk

Slow Power Hike:  1.75 miles/1 hour (approx.)

Total training time:  5 hours, 24 mins.

121.3 lbs (-.7 lbs)

I decided to take some time off of my feet at the start of the week to let the piriformis calm down a bit.  With each day I saw a huge improvement so I took a few more days than I had originally planned because I felt so much better each day.  Then we got hit with some snow and somehow the week got away from me without putting any time in on the bike.  However the good news is that I did get in a couple of runs and a substantial hike (did the Hogback Trail from home, 6.35 miles in total).  I did a sort of slower power hike on the up portion of the Hogback Trail and I only counted time/mileage from the Hogback loop.  Regular la de da hiking doesn't contribute to my training so I don't want to count it.  Anyway, piriformis felt good this morning after yesterday's hike and today's run went much better than Friday's so I'm going to keep at it with the running and hiking.  I do have to balance the biking in though and next week will be a test of what combination I can handle.

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