Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard

But I say, 'Oh Cancer!  Up Yours!'  Most of you probably have never heard of Poly Styrene but she passed away from breast cancer yesterday and she was something special to me so she deserves a little mention here. It's a bit spooky as well because just the other day I made a rare visit to my Facebook page and re-posted an X-Ray Spex video that someone else had posted. I hadn't thought about her in ages and this video was perfect (I'll post it below).  Anyway, she was a singer in one of the original punk rock bands, X-Ray Spex, back in the 70's, a feminist and way ahead of her time.  She had such a powerful voice (she was a trained opera singer) and presence and had so much to say.  She continued with her music and activism into her adulthood.  It makes me sad that she's gone and also that there are no young powerful female singers to carry on the legacy.


Germ Free Adolescents

Oh Bondage!  Up Yours!

Recent interview and a little history about her


  1. Goodbye Poly Styrene and thanks for the good times, good music and great lyrics, which were nothing short of ahead of their time and are as apt today as ever. You may Rest in Peace.

  2. Cancer sucks! But I guess no disease is a good one to have.