Sunday, April 24, 2011

Quick dogwalk practice

Today I worked on fading the need to face Strummer to get him to shorten his stride/not leap with the tunnel at the end of the dogwalk.  I faced him for the first 3 reps then faced sideways or forward and moved to a forward position for the rest.  He had some pretty good success.  Adding motion will be the hard part, I'll start with that next week after at least one more session of varying positon.


7/8 (88%) total

2/2 (100%) full dogwalks

5/6 (83%) backchained dogwalk

4/5 (80%) not facing him

Set-up was dogwalk-tunnel


  1. Wow, that looked much better, especially the last try! I liked the tries from further back (start of flat ramp / full dog walk) more than those on the down ramp, so if you can keep a reasonable success ratio with just that, I wouldn't even bother with doing the down ramp.

    My own preference would be 70% success ratio, sometimes dropping to 60%, but would increase difficulty (or stop rewarding very high hits) if it goes above 80%.

  2. Yeah, I agree, the down ramp only doesn’t prove much and is so different from a full dogwalk. But it’s good for proofing things that start out with a high failure rate. I can get more reps in until he gets the idea then I can start him further back or do full dogwalks.
    I try to get an 80% success rate for 2 sessions before increasing criteria and this is per Bob Bailey. I can’t recall where he came up with this, if it’s from his own trial and error or from scientific experiments. However I’m going to increase the difficulty of my position next time because I want to fade having to face him as quickly as possible and because I’m not patient with fading things in general.