Saturday, April 16, 2011

Birds 'n Dogs

The Bluebirds have invaded my neighborhood.  If I'd known I'd have gone out with my nice telephoto but all I had was my point 'n shoot.

Foothills trail.  There were even more of them, so many I couldn't get them all in one shot.

The Prairie Dogs were out as well, sassin' it up in the warm sun.

This guy hopped up onto his hind legs to pose for the camera and after I took my picture he went back on all fours and went about his business, muttering 'stupid tourist' under his breath.

The Meadowlarks were also out in full force.

The real purpose of the hike though was to go up the Hogback to see if my piriformis would behave.  No power hiking this time but I did go up the steep bits faster than my regular 'La De Da' hiking pace.  I think for now this will be a good compromise.  I was plenty sore when I got home but the pain was manageable.  But enough about stupid aches and pains.

A light dusting of snow on Sugarloaf from a spring snowstorm the other day.

Some nice rocks with the Boulder Rez peeking through from behind.

View of Wonderland Lake and Boulder beyond from the Hogback.  It's amazing how quickly the trail gains elevation.  It's super steep but not very long distance wise.

The trail is rocky at the top.

View of the foothills from the Hogback.

Gratuitous photo of blue Colorado sky.  It was a nicer day than it looked in the other photos.  Shorts and sunscreen weather.

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood.


  1. Well there's one pleasantly plump prairie dog!

    That sign cracks me up -- how many successful ticket-complainers whose dogs were on un-handheld leashes did it take before they added "handheld"? :-)

    Love these photos, especially the one looking down from whence you came, with the tree on the left. Looks like a painting -- seriously gorgeous.

  2. You gotta love Boulder Open Space, I'll bet they thought that hand held leash rule up all on their own. They love them their rules, the more specific the better.

    It's a good chance that plump prairie dog is getting ready to drop some young 'uns. Seems like the babies should be coming any day now.

  3. Wow, I've never seen that many bluebirds at one time - very pretty day you had out there!

  4. I'm sure I've mentioned that, once upon a time, my goal was to move to colorado after I graduated college. Didn't happen, but your photos remind me time and again how beautiful it is out there. Your mountain bluebirds are gorgeous. In theory we could see them in CA, but I never do. Your photos came out pretty good w/out a telephoto, I must say.