Friday, April 01, 2011

Month in Training

You can never have too many numbers, yes?  Low on the running/power hiking but that's because I'm following a rehab program and I've been strict about keeping to it.  Can't rush that.  Swim numbers are too high relative to bike numbers but that'll change once the weather is more bike friendly.  I'm not a fan of the bike trainer. 

March totals:

Swim:  28,650 yards/12 hours

Mountain Bike:  129.9 miles/15 hours, 23 mins.

Run:  9.9 miles/2 hours, 40 mins.

Power Hike:  7.0 miles/2 hours

Total Training Hours:  32 hours, 20 mins. (I know this doesn't add up, something got lost somewhere)

Walk:  39.6 miles

Hike:  5.3 miles

121.3 lbs (-5.1 lbs., was hoping for -8 but I'll take it)


  1. Nice job for the month!!!

  2. congrats on the weight removal & nice work on all the training hours & walking miles! Makes me want to get moving. Love that kind of inspiration.