Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Front Cross vs Rear Cross

Some more practice yesterday, some more craziness from Strummer.  The cold has kicked his speed up to 11.  I don't have video of the most challenging part which was a line of staggered jumps to a curved tunnel.  I kept getting too far behind, Strum curled into me and got the wrong tunnel entrance.  Even with a rear cross I couldn't get him into the correct entrance to save my life.  Finally had to use his name and a rear cross.  Not the end of the world I suppose but I wish he'd pay attention to my motion instead of locking onto the tunnel from 2 jumps away.

The only video that came out halfway interesting was part of an exercise that we did with front crosses then rear crosses.  I like the rear better between the first red and yellow jump but I don't like the rear between the red and perpendicular white jump.  It took me a while to get the timing down but by the last rep I finally had a good front cross between the panel and the red which allowed another front between the white and the blue as well as a better turn over the white.  I could have executed the rear between the red and white a little better by maybe hanging back towards the tunnel a wee bit longer so I could have some motion going into the cross.  For one of the reps I'm at a complete standstill and this causes a dropped bar as poor Strum keeps looking at me for some direction and loses focus on his jumping.

Practice 11-29-2010 - Front Cross vs Rear Cross from colliebrains on Vimeo.

Four more days until the trial, not sure if I should squeeze in one more dogwalk practice or go to a course run through or give it all a rest.

Little stinker destroyed the squeaker in a brand new rubber chicken in the space of about a minute.  I don't know why I give him toys, he's a destructo machine.  But he's obsessed with these stupid rubber chickens, something about the texture of the rubber and the weird noise they make, different from a regular squeaker.  My training partner has one and he was so obsessed with it that I bought him his own.

 Lola loves the darn thing as well.

But we're on chicken #3 because they keep doing autopsies and removing the squeaker.  That's it though, this is the last one I'm buying.  I can't even believe I bought #3 as it is.  What my life has come to.

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