Monday, November 08, 2010

Hogback trail

I can't believe it's been 3 years since I've been on the Hogback trail.  Last time I was on it was just before USDAA Nationals in 2007 and I freaked out because I was sure I was going to be eaten by a mountain lion.  No dogs or bikes are allowed on the trail and since a good chunk of my life involves dogs and bikes and I didn't want to go back up there alone it makes sense that I haven't returned for a while.  But it's so convenient and Jonny and I thought it would be relaxing to do a hike that didn't involve a drive across town.

Luckily we spent the morning cleaning up leaves in the yard so we weren't up high on a ridge when an unexpected storm front blew through at lunch time.  But the storm quickly cleared and we were treated to a rainbow at the start of our hike.

Everything is so dry and brown and while I'm not looking forward to the end of our mild weather we sorely need tomorrow's predicted rain/snow.

Deer are abundant on this trail.  They're abundant in my neighborhood too but it's nice to see them in a more natural setting.

Can you see why I was worried about mountain lions on this part of the trail?  It's hard to see but the trail winds it's way between and slightly below the big piles of rocks.  Perfect place for a big kitty to lie in wait.

View of the plains looking east from the top of the hill.  The big blue splotch is the Boulder Rez and the ridge to the west of it and running east/west is the Eagle trail.  Biking/running trails drop down to the north and running only trails are to the south.  All of them allow dogs off leash except for a small bird conservation area around the smaller lake to the west of the Rez.  Probably doesn't look all that scenic from this view but down at trail level it's pretty fantabulous.

I like the solo tree sticking out of the hillside.

I have one more day of sun and 70's then the reality of early winter sets in.


  1. Why don't they allow dogs?

  2. I'm not entirely sure and my husband and I were discussing that very issue, trying to figure it out. I'm guessing the main reasons are that for one that there are a LOT of deer up there and maybe Open Space is worried the presence of dogs will disturb them. Though the deer in town don't seem the least bit bothered. Also, there could be bird species that nest on the ground (meadowlarks are one I know of) and if dogs strayed off the trail they could disturb nests. Even with a leash law, people will disobey it and let out of control dogs run through the brush. They do it with the 'no dogs' law though so maybe that's faulty logic.

    For some reason this area in general is considered to be environmentally sensitive. There's another trail that's a bit lower but heads further north and they've been making noises about closing it altogether (no dogs or bikes allowed at present) and I can't figure out why because it's a very low traffic trail as is the Hogback.

    Could be there are some politics involved though there aren't landowners very nearby.

    For whatever reason they're serious about it and I've seen rangers with binoculars at the bottom of the trail waiting to ticket people with dogs with a hefty fine and summons.

  3. So pretty!!! I hear you on the weather thing...I really LOVE how green everything gets with winter rains but I am enjoying the warmth and dryness as long as it lasts!

  4. So gorgeous... If I lived somewhere with spectacular views like that I might be convinced to actually go for a walk without the dogs once in a while.

  5. Wow, the one with the rainbow looking across the prairie looks like a painting!