Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hall Ranch

It was a bit nippy but otherwise beautiful day at Hall on Friday.

It was a shortish (one hour 20 minutes) ride and harder than it should have been.  I've been keeping to the shorter hills in town because of my back/neck but the chiro cleared me for Hall which has significantly steeper/longer hills than what I've been doing.  It's just under an hour of almost solid climbing then a 20 minute descent for me if I do only one loop.  A few months ago 2 loops were no problem, now one loop sends my quads to screaming.

I returned to the pool this week too and that wasn't pretty either.  A little over 20 minutes was all I could stand.  I think I'll have to return to masters and work around the group because swimming on my own is so boring.  It'll be even uglier but at least I won't be ready to drown myself from the tedium if I swim with the group.

I know I should take advantage of the dry trails while I can and do more biking today but I think I'll treat Strum to a nice hike and some agility practice.  I'm such a wimp with biking in the cold, so much easier to keep warm while hiking.

In other news I made some cream of tomato soup with bay and tarragon.  I didn't burn the house down but I did make a hell of a mess with the blender.  I did nearly blow us all to kingdom come trying to make tea on Friday but let's not dwell on that.  Turns out I don't care for bay and tarragon.  Maybe by the time I eat all this soup I'll develop a taste for it.


  1. "made... soup" -- I figured you had meant opened a can and added some water. But no! I am seriously impressed! Looks delicious, anyway.

  2. I actually made the soup from scratch. I have the tomato stains on the ceiling to prove it. Had some more today after my hike and it tasted a bit better.

  3. Yeah, the soup looks good from here! But where's the photo of the tomato stains on the ceiling for us to have the whole experience? ;-)

    Beautiful scenery, as always. I, too, have been slacking off on the hiking for the last year and now one simple hill (and I'm not kidding, maybe a hundred feet up) winds me and gets my thighs cringing. And I don't have any excuse like recovering from an accident.

  4. Yeah, getting old sucks, so much harder to recover from things.