Thursday, December 02, 2010

Anatomy of a nap

Courtesy of Mr. Cody Baloney, Professional Snooze Hound, S.H.

He does a lot of snoozing these days and at 12 1/2 years old I figure he's entitled.  He loves to lie on the deck in the sun, especially if I block off the deck from Strummer and he can finally get some peace.


  1. Love this. I wish I could snoozle in the sun, myself.

  2. I know, what a life he leads.

  3. Awww what a cute yawn!
    I never would have guessed that he was 12 1/2. He looks so young!

  4. This is great, made me laugh. Don't tell the other two but Cody has always been my favourite. Snooze on, handsome boy.