Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I wonder which crook is going to win?

That's what my grandmother asked me rhetorically when I called her today.  She's very big on voting, used to be an election judge.  When she picked up the phone the first thing she wanted to know was had I voted (yes, of course).  Then she went into a short diatribe about how they're all crooks.  Which is exactly how I felt when I came out of the polling place except I had much more colorful expressions than 'crooks' in mind.  I feel like my 'choice' these days is the Right or the Far Right and I consider myself somewhat moderate.  The Senate race was particularly disturbing.  You cannot imagine how happy I am that Michael Bennett will no longer be calling my house day and night.  I was sick of those calls before the primaries you can imagine how last week went.  I stopped answering the phone altogether about a month ago.  I voted for him but only because the alternative was so unfathomable.  And it scares me that some of those amendments got enough support to get on the ballot in the first place.  Oh well, I got a sticker and I scored some poop bags (yes, empty ones) on the walk back from the polling place so I guess that's something.

Some red, white and blue for Election Day, courtesy of my grandmother's awesome 70's basement bathroom


  1. Love love LOVE bathrooms with wallpaper like that! Do I have the courage to do it in my house. Hm. Not so far.

    I know what you mean about the elections. At least here we managed to keep or get people in office that I'm not horrified by, but some propositions I wasn't thrilled with the outcome. We'll see how this all turns out--

  2. Oh I don't know, from what I remember of some pix of your house you have some pretty groovy wallpaper yourself. This stuff is actually from the 70's.

    Bennett barely squeaked into office by the hair of his chinny chin chin and while I'm thrilled and relieved that CO is not sending Ken Buck to the Senate I can't say I'm all that excited about Bennett. I think the worst of the ammendments here got shot down by big margins so that was something.

  3. You mean like this in my kitchen? Well yeah BUT it's not wallpaper in patterns or colors that *I'd* have chosen. And that's the big difference. I like the small print & blues & reds.