Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Picture perfect day

Took advantage of the last 75 degree day I'm likely to see for a while and went for a bike ride on the Flatirons Vista/Doudy Draw/Springbrook trails.  The day was so perfect that even my ancient little point and shoot camera took some nice photos.

View from the top of Doudy Draw of the Continental Divide peaking through.

Start of the Prairie Vista trail at Flatirons Vista parking area

View of the Flatirons from the top of Doudy Draw.  You can see the trail at the bottom, that's where I'm headed, then I'll climb back up to the upper trails that are also visible that comprise the Springbrook loop.

Parts of the trail are wooded.

Springbrook Trail.

Doesn't my bike look happy?

The sign is warning dog owners that their low compliance (59%) with the leash law may lead to their loss of the trail.  The other trails allow off-leash dogs but not Springbrook and half of the loop is closed to dogs altogether.  I predict the other half is soon to follow.  There's also talk of bikes losing their access as well.  Soon it will only be the Abert squirrels on the trail.

And some of the trail is exposed with great views of the foothills and prairie.

Leaving the woods on the Springbrook Trail.

And saying hello to the prairie again.

Look to your left and you have an up close view of the Flatirons.

I love the rich autumn colors.

Heading back on the Prairie Vista trail.  I loved the sight of the oasis of water in the sea of 'dry'.

Say goodbye to the big blue summer sky.

I shot that photo on accident as I was holding my camera in my hand while riding a short way to another photo taking place.  I must have pressed the shutter button on accident.  For some reason I love this shot.  I didn't use any program to alter the photo at all.

I have more photos on my Facebook account.  This link is public, you should be able to view the photos without joining Facebook.

Had a fun practice with Strummer and my training partner at the training field this morning in the sun and got home just in time for the badly needed rain to start.  The dogs loved the cooler temps. (40's or so I'd guess) and it wasn't too cold for the humans with the sun shining.  We'll see if the temps. drop enough to get some snow later on.  Can't remember the last time that the first snow of the season has been so late.


  1. More stunning photos... especially love the hello prairie one. That sky shot is pretty awesome too -- great accidental shot.

  2. Blue sky is amazing. It's never solid blue, either, even though it looks like that. It tends to be darker to the north and south, and towards the horizon. Very hard to create that same image artificially, although supposedly one can get close using a gradient pattern. I've tried--it never looks as real as this! I should be so lucky as to get a sky like that and add it to my collection of things to use for filling in when something needs fixing in a photo. Lucky accidental shot!

  3. I love all these pictures. Its just a beautiful place. Diana

  4. I know, I should get such shots when I try on purpose. You're welcome to take the photo if it's some use to you or I can email the jpeg file to you. I have no idea how you use something like that to 'fill in' but I don't think the photo editing software I have is very sophisticated.

  5. Thanks; I really need to get my own shot. Something to keep an eye out for.

    It's not really filling it--it's more like deleting some part of the background and inserting the new stuff behind it so it shows through.

  6. Those photos are AMAZING! I can't belive that there is really a place that is that beautiful! Seriously - WOW!
    P.S. I'm having a giveaway on my blog http://justatibetanpup.blogspot.com
    I hope you enter!

  7. Thanks. And thanks for the heads up on the giveaway, we checked out your blog and added our entry. You have a VERY cute puppy!