Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crazy Dog Lady Goes Shroom Hunting

Actually Crazy Dog Lady went for a bike ride but found some cool looking mushrooms along the way.

I think Mushroom #1 on the right is a King Bolete.

A better view

Mushroom #2 on the left has a slimy cap when wet and stained my fingers brown/orange when I touched the bottom of the cap.  I think it might be a Matte Jack or maybe also a King Bolete.

Any  mushroom aficianados out there want to offer an opinion?  Because I'll totally put my life in the hands of some stranger on the internet.  I also need to figure out how to cook them if they are edible.  My mushroom book says King Boletes are 'one of the most sought after of all the mushrooms, delectable fresh or dried,' so that's what I hope they are.  No way Jonny will eat them so I'll have them all to myself.  Maybe I'll put a photo on Facebook, someone's bound to know what they are.

I picked more mushrooms than these but when I got them back to the car Jonny pointed out the maggots in them and they didn't get to come home with me.

Oh and we also had a nice bike ride with some friends.  The wildflowers were spectacular.

My legs hurt from the DOCNA trial yesterday.  I'll write more about that tomorrow but in short it was fun and we had some nice runs with little things here and there as per usual.  Still I managed to climb a lot of stuff I had to walk a few weeks ago.  It was too short of a ride, an hour 20 minutes or so, but I'm stiff and sore now so maybe it was just as well we cut it short.


  1. OMG those things are HUGE!!!

  2. I like my mushrooms on the ground or growing on a tree, basically anywhere except in my food!

  3. I suppose mushrooms aren't for everybody. Sadly neither shroom looked very good when I cut into it this morning. They had both gone kind of mushy overnight, I guess I should have put them in the fridge or something. The underside spore-y part was taking up half the mushroom when I cut into it and the white fleshy part didn't look too good so into the compost they went. I was very sad, I was so looking forward to a nice mushroom and cheese omelette this morning.

  4. I like my mushrooms from the grocery store. :-) Can get quite an amazing variety even from safeway these days.

    You're brave (imho) to be eating wild-caught mushrooms--or thinking about doing so, anyway.

  5. Whoa, cool find!!! Monster mushrooms!