Monday, July 11, 2011

Week in Training

Lots of running this week, almost triple what I've been doing and I feel fine with it.  One workout short of both swimming and biking but it was worth it to bring up the running numbers.  The long brick (bike then run) on Saturday was encouraging, was pushing it on the mountain bike climbs and ran about 12 minutes straight before remembering I was on a 4 min. run/1 min. walk regime.  Didn't quite stick to that for that run, was more like 6 min. run after I remembered to walk.  Took 2 rest days, one that I needed and one that I didn't plan but that felt awfully good.  Was starting on a bike ride yesterday and I hadn't even made it past my house when it started thundering.  I don't mess around with thunder so a rest day it was.  Added another rep. to my LT bike workout, I'm up to 5 reps. of 5 min. at LT.  Finally got my heart rate up to 150 for the last rep. so maybe my LT rate is really that high and not around 145.  Ah well, it's close enough. 

Went to masters at the Rec. Center today to get in a skills/drills workout.  Don't want to get sloppy with my form with all the open water swimming and also wanted to be sure I get in that 3rd workout this week.  Swimming is sort of arguably the least important of all the 3 disciplines in triathlon, even more so for the off road tri's, but I like to swim and I'm trying to get faster even if the effort is hardly worth the small gain in overall time.  I'm also a little concerned about the pool swim for my little sprint tri.  It's only 525 yards which is barely a warm-up for me but I found out I'll be with 3 other people in a lane and the race director wanted a fairly accurate estimate of swim time so we're not lapping each other.  I put in for a pace of 1:50/100 yards which seemed reasonable given that I've been swimming 1:36-1:43 for 100 yard intervals during masters but in open water tri's I usually end up with a pace of 2:00-2:10 min./100 yards so I don't know.  Who knows how accurately the other people in  my lane will rank themselves and will I be able to draft?  That makes a big difference.  Anyway I wanted to check my pace at masters and I think I'll be o.k.  I found out the hard way that my watch isn't waterproof so I can't time myself for my Rez swims so I haven't been monitoring my pace.

Also checked out the scale when I was at the Rec. Center and I'm down into the 117's which is near where I was hoping for.  Would be good to be down around 114 for racing but that may be unrealistic to shoot for for 3 weeks from now.  I saw a study somewhere showing that more than a 200 calorie deficit per day has a negative impact on training.  Some days I can't help having a much higher deficit but I usually make it up somewhat on rest days.  In any case I'm eating lots of good stuff these days with all the wonderful fresh summer veggies and fruit hitting the stores so I suppose I'll be happy enough to get down to 116 by my early August race.

Swim:  4800 yards/1 hour, 40 mins. (both swims at the Rez)

Mountain bike:  17.28 miles/2 hours, 58 minutes

Run:  14.56 miles/3 hour, 27 mins. (4 min. run/1 min. walk)

Total training time: 8 hours, 5 mins.

117.5 lbs (-1.5 lbs. from 2 weeks ago)

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