Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Week in Training

Numbers are way down this week, especially running.  I had 2 rest days, one 2 days after my race and the other the day before my agility trial.  I put in one last day of intervals on the bike on Weds. and I had some tired legs by Friday.  Also starting to taper for my race.  Also the agility trial wore me out.  I don't count it for training but it does put wear and tear on my legs and makes me need more recovery.  My quads were so sore the day after the trial then I went mountain biking.  This week will be more taper, no intervals, no hard work of any kind but I will do a little bit of something until Friday.  The course is open for pre-riding starting Thursday afternoon and I'm debating going up there for that.  On the one hand there's a downhill section I'm itching to see if I can ride, on the other hand I'm not sure it'll be good for my tapering efforts.  I'll see how my legs are feeling on Thurs.  Right now they feel pretty tired.  In fact I feel way too tired for such a small training volume.  Stupid agility trial.  I love agility but a full day of trialing is always more tiring than I think it should be.

Looked at the elevation chart for the bike and the steepest grade I could spot was 8.3% for .27 mile.  The longest climb is as I suspected, the service road right at the start of the bike.  It's .59 mile of 7.0% grade.  There's another climb of 6.8% grade for .53 miles and a 6.1% grade climb for .14 miles.  Terrain is an issue as well, some of those climbs are rocky.  And there are 2 loops so I have to do it all twice.  Distance is 14 miles with a total elevation gain of 1581.4 ft for both loops combined and a max. elevation of 9646 feet.  Overall I'm confident about it.  Swim temps. shouldn't be as bad as the last time I did it.  Should be in the low 60's which is cold but do-able.  Much better than the high 50's anyway.

Run course is 4.1 miles, elevation gain of 430 feet.  Worst climb is 2.7% grade for .22 miles.  There are lots of other little climbs, shouldn't be too bad though, looks like lots of uppy downy rolly stuff, my favorite sort of run because I'm constantly shifting which muscles I'm using.

Swim:  3020 yards/1 hour, 7 mins. (1 swim at the Rez, 1 swim at Stroke-n-Stride)

Mountain bike:  17.16 miles/2 hours, 37 minutes

Run:  3.4 miles/51 mins. (running the whole way, no walk/run)

Total training time: 4 hours, 35 mins.

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