Friday, July 01, 2011

Month in training

Numbers are similar to last month.  Lost 2 weekends to classes and a day to an agility trial plus hamstring injury and a G.I. bug.  

Swimming is in as good a place as it's going to be.  Swam 2 miles in the Rez on Thursday morning and that's the farthest I've ever swum in one workout, a milestone of sorts.  And I took the dogs for a run afterwards.  My goal is to do the 2 masters workouts at the Rez each week as well as one day of regular masters at the pool.  This gives me the required time for the training program I'm following and makes sense to me.

Biking could be better.  My bike handling skills and climbing ability felt a bit hampered with the hamstring injury.  It's more a mental thing than a physical thing, I'm riding conservatively to protect the injury.  Next month I'll start riding more aggressively and push on the climbs.

Running is getting better I think.  The hamstring strain is nearly healed and I'm getting better with the new stride mechanics.  I thought it would be more of a struggle.  I'll have to shoot some video to be sure.  Looking at my agility videos from the weekend it looks like I'm doing a mixture of forefoot and heel striking which is probably due to the different speeds I run on course as well as turns, etc.  Not too much heel striking overall though.  This photo shows great form (knee bent, mid-foot strike), if only I could do that all the time.

Swim: 24,700 yards/10 hours, 15 mins.

Mountain Bike: 77 miles/10 hours, 13 mins.

Road Bike:  30.87 miles/2 hours, 16 mins.

Run: 18.92 miles/4 hours, 52 mins.

Hike:  6 miles/3 hours, 15 mins.

Total Training Hours: 29 hours, 51 mins. (26 hours, 36 mins. without the hike)

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