Monday, July 25, 2011

Week in Training

This was my peak training week for the Indian Peaks Xterra in 2 weeks.  Same exact total training time as last week, kind of freaky.  This week didn't include any hiking and did include the Lookout Mountain Triathlon Sprint race.  I did go for a hike on the Mesa Trail/Skunk Canyon on Sunday in the heat of the day but it was a slooow pace so I didn't count it in training.  Probably shouldn't have done it and recovered from my race instead especially since I'd done the pre-ride for the Xterra in the morning and was pretty trashed but I couldn't bear to sit around the house all afternoon while the hills beckoned.  My quads are planning a revolt I'm sure.

Run numbers are up again which is good considering the run was by far my weakest event at my race.  The run will be my focus for the next 2 weeks.

I was hoping the next 2 weeks would be a nice taper but there are still some solid workouts staring me in the face.  I also have an agility trial on Saturday only so that jacks up the training schedule a bit.  It's hardly a rest day but can't count as training.  There isn't a single rest day called for between now and the day before the race and that doesn't seem right though the volume is reduced and most days are only one workout rather than 2.  Still these old bones need more recovery than what's called for so I'm going to pick some key workouts to keep and skip some of the others.

Swim:  7723 yards/2 hour, 57 mins. (2 swims at the Rez)

Mountain bike:  16.0 miles/2 hours, 30 minutes

Run:  13.96 miles/3 hour, 22 mins. (6 min. run/1 min. walk for some runs)

Bike (road):  10.0 miles/48:31  mins. (Lookout Mtn. Tri., 1100' elevation gain, 10% grades)

Total training time: 9 hours, 38 mins.

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