Monday, July 18, 2011

Week in Training

A nice solid training week, swim and bike numbers are up, run numbers are down mostly because I decided to skip Sunday's long trail run and go for a hike instead.  I only counted an hour of the 3 1/4 hour, 6 1/2 mile hike because in my experience hiking doesn't count very much for training.  However some of the trail was steep and I was pushing it a bit so I want to count something.  Put in another nearly 2 mile swim at the Rez on Thursday and upped my LT bike workout to 6 reps x 5 min. at LT heart rate.  I go up a steep road near my house and I think all the hard climbing is helping my mountain biking.  Saturday's ride at West Mag went great, rode a whole bunch of stuff I've walked in previous weeks and realized it wasn't so much my skills that were suffering as it was my strength.  Finally felt some climbing power this past weekend.

This weekend is my first race of the season, a little on road sprint tri up at Lookout Mountain in Golden.  Sounds like a pretty course with a hilly bike ride which I think will play to my strengths at the moment.  Not sure about the run but it's only a 5k.  It's a 'B' race for me meaning I'm going to race it all out like a real race but I'm not going to taper for it and my training hasn't been geared towards it.  I entered mostly because it sounded like fun but it'll make a nice hard training day as well.  My strategy for sprints is to go all out for the whole thing, nothing too complicated there.  Fueling strategy is simple too, a water bottle on the bike and that's about it, probably won't bother with food.  I'm hoping to finish in 1 hour 15 mins. or so.  I'm not sure how hilly the bike is or how my running will hold up so this could be an ambitious prediction but that's what I'll shoot for.  I went to masters today to see how my swim pace is holding up and I managed 1:36-1:38 with no drafting and lots of rest in between for the very few 100's we did so the 1:50/100 yards pace group I signed up for for 525 yards sounds about right though I'll confess I have no idea what that pace feels like.  My plan is to draft off the person in front of me in my lane as long as they aren't going too slow.  I'm most looking forward to the bike, I love hills.  Whee ha, should be a fun race.

Swim:  8286 yards/3 hour, 17 mins. (both swims at the Rez)

Mountain bike:  21.98 miles/3 hours, 38 minutes

Run:  6.9 miles/1 hour, 43 mins. (6 min. run/1 min. walk)

Hike:  1 hour, 2 miles (approx.) steep uphill hiking at approx. 10,000 feet

Total training time: 9 hours, 38 mins. (8 hours, 38 mins. without the hike)

116.1 lbs! (-1.4 lbs. from last week, I'll shoot for 114 for my race in 3 weeks)

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