Friday, July 01, 2011

Strummer sticks it to The Man

I'm a punk rocker yes I am

Not too far into a run with Strummer the other morning I noticed several bloody open wounds/gashes.  I couldn't figure out what had caused them and guessed it either happened while I was swimming at the Rez or he'd torn the very thin skin on a stickery plant that I didn't notice.  The plant option seemed unlikely but I couldn't even begin to imagine what else could have happened. 

Jonny came home from work barely able to move and explained that Lola had charged through the back door after a squirrel and Strummer followed in fast pursuit with 10 times the enthusiasm and had sent him ass over tea kettle.  In fact he'd landed on top of Strummer and he showed me the chunks of fur still stuck to the sidewalk where they'd fallen.  Aside from jacking up his back Jonny had a cut on his hand and being a boy he didn't bother with a band-aid.

He works for a big multi-national company that for many years has been trying to get some special elite hard to get OSHA safety certification that only 1% of companies ever receive.  After zillions of years and an amount of forms, paperwork, procedures, etc. that I don't want to contemplate they finally had the audit with the company representing OSHA.  Jonny shook hands with one of the reps then the second rep. shook his hand with a lot of force and gusto.  Enough force and gusto to rip open the cut on Jonny's hand and get blood all over hers.  Jonny claims he didn't notice this and I believe him because he doesn't notice lots of stuff like that, believe me.  But he got an email later that day saying that he had to file a safety report as to why  he got blood all over the OSHA rep.  Whether this effects the company's certification remains to be seen.

Strummer did this same thing to me several years ago and I initiated a 'Nobody goes flying out that door unless I release them first' protocol but Jonny was sort of a scofflaw.  Non-compliant.  No special fancy safety certification for our house.  I think we need to get OSHA involved.


  1. OMG! I have so many bruises that I can't identify that I know somehow came from the dogs but bleeding on the OSHA rep definitely takes the cake.

  2. "...why he got blood all over the OSHA rep." Funniest thing I've ever seen related to OSHA. I'm sure they're not laughing too much.

  3. OH, no poor Johnnny. You know, people freak out about blood. If she didnt have any cuts on her hands, all she had to do was wash her hands. Case closed. Poor Johnny.