Thursday, July 14, 2011

Garlic in his soul

I'm out on a run with Lola this morning and we stop for a moment so she can sniff something that's caught her fancy.  An old man walks by and I give her a little pat.  'It's going to die in 10 years.  Don't get too attached,' he says as he passes us.

Nice, huh?  Even if you're thinking such a hurtful thing why would you say it to a total stranger?  I start to formulate some snarky remark about his own longevity but figure anybody that bitter and horrible has probably fashioned a pretty crappy life for himself already.

Lola's 10 and I hope she does live another 10 years.


  1. I know. And he said it in a smarmy, know-it-all sort of voice, not like he was mournful about losing his own dog or something.

  2. Sad .. I wondered about the mourning but but tone could sure make it an awful thing to say :(

    I love catching up on your blog!

  3. Wow, what some people wont say. What a jerk!

  4. He could also have some kind of illness affecting his judgement or what he says out loud, and you'd never know it. Or he might just have been a jerk. Probably best that you didn't say anything either way.