Monday, March 28, 2011

Week in Training

I've started power hiking as part of my training on the recommendation of my chiropractor/p.t.  Power hiking is just what it sounds like.  Pretend you're going to run up the hill but take it down a notch so you're not quite running and that's power hiking.  My assignment was to go up the steepest hills I could find for 30 minutes of 4 mins. power hiking/1 min. regular hiking.  It's a hard, heart pounding workout that's for sure.  If you want to know what it feels like put 'Here Comes Your Man' by The Pixies on your mp3 player, find a nearly vertical hill and try to power hike up it while keeping time with the music.  Swing your arms a lot and try not to puke are my tips for you.  You'll be ready for that running dogwalk in no time.

A lower volume week than I was hoping for due to weather and a class over the weekend.  I was trying to make up for my class but had to skip a bike ride due to weather.  Oh well.  It's going to be a recurring issue between classes and trials on weekends so I may need to do the unthinkable and break out the bike trainer if the weather gets me again during the week.


Swim:  2200 yards/1 hour (mid-day masters, Amy coach)

Power Hike:  1.4 mile (approx.)/30 mins. of 4 mins. power hike/1 min. (Hogback loop)

Hike:  1 mile/30 mins. (Foothills trail and part of Hogback loop)

123.7 lbs


Agility:  running dogwalk practice in the a.m.

Rest day, gale force winds in the afternoon/evening

Walk:  1 mile cool down walk w/ Strummer


Agility:  light handling practice at Biscuit Eaters on our own

Swim:  2100 yards/1 hour (mid-day masters, Tiffany coach)
           Tiffany's last day coaching, sniff sniff, she's moving to Mesa, AZ so if any swimmers out
           there are from Mesa go check out her master's workouts, she's an awesome coach

Power Hike:  1.2 miles/30 mins. of 4 mins. hike/1 min. walk (Skunk Canyon out and back) with

Hike:  2.8 miles/45 mins. or so (Enchanted Mesa to Skunk Canyon, took a small off course of the
          way back)

Walk:  1 mile/20 mins. cool down walk w/ Strummer

122.8 lbs


Agility:  Running dogwalk practice

Run:  2 miles/30 mins. of 4 mins. run/1 min. walk (Wonderland Lake)

Walk:  3 miles or so/1 hour w/ Cody and cool down walk w/ Strummer and warm-up/cool down
          for Wonderland run


Agility:  Running dogwalk practice

Mountain Biking:  10.6 miles/1 hour, 53 mins. (Marshall Mesa/High Plains/Flatirons Vista/Doudy
                           Draw/Springbrook Loop/Community Ditch/Coal Seam)

Walk:  2.2 miles or so/1 hour w/ Cody and cool down walk w/ Strummer


Run:  2 miles/30 mins. of 4 mins. run/1 min. walk (bike path in Westminster)

Walk:  .72 mile/16 mins.


Rest day


Swim:  4300 yards/2 hours

Mountain Bike:  10.6 miles/1 hour, 53 minutes

Run:  4 miles/1 hour of 4 mins. run/1 min. walk

Power Hike:  4.2 miles (approx.)/1 hour of 4 mins. power hike/1 min.

Total Training Hours:  5 hours, 53 minutes

Walk:  7.9 miles/3 hours (approx.)

Hike:  3.8 miles/1 hour, 15 mins.

123.5 lbs. (-.2 lbs.)


  1. Power hiking, wow, I'm ready to toss my cookies just reading the description. On the other hand, after weeks of rain hence ongoing excuses for not doing my daily walks, I walked to the park, around the park, and back yesterday--a usual sort of thing to do--and man, I was wiped out. I just can't take time off like that. Tried a little jogging and could barely get my feet off the ground. Bleah. I want to be young again. But still as wise. ...No, wiser, cuz I should know that I can't take time off from walking & hiking and just leap back into it. Let alone sprinting after a border collie with a 2-second dogwalk.

  2. 2-second dogwalk? I wish. Or maybe I don't, I don't know, but for better or worse I don't think Strum has ever done a dogwalk in 2 seconds.

    Taking too much time off is the worst, so hard to get back to where you were. The worst for me is the pool/masters. Even missing only a week will set me back. Heck I was dragging at masters today because I haven't swum since Wednesday and didn't make it out for my power hike because I was so trashed from masters and it wasn't even a hard workout. Getting old is truly a bitch.