Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week in Training


Left Chicago.  Home in the late afternoon but too tired/dizzy to do much.


Still too tired and playing catch up.

Walk:  2 mile walk around Wonderland Lake w/ Strummer


Swim:  2300 yards/1 hour (mid-day masters, Tiffany coach, lotsa drills/kick, little bit o' sprinting)

Run:  1.2 miles/20 mins. of 4 mins. run/1 min. walk (1/4 mile warm-up, .65 mile cool down/20 mins.)

Walk:  1 mile stroll w/Cody & Lola

125.6 lbs


Agility:  Dogwalk practice at B.E. [4/8 (50%) full dogwalk, 7/10 (70%) backchaining, 11/18 (61%)
            total, set-up was tunnel/dogwalk/treat gizmo (sometimes no tunnel, just started with
            dogwalk), did not reward 3 hits, did not reward any misses)]

Mountain Bike:  15.4 miles/1 hour 50 minutes (Broadway/Eagle Trail/Boulder Valley/Left Hand)

Chiropractor in afternoon.


Swim: 2550 yards/1 hour (mid-day masters, Amy coach,  great workout, sets of 100's, the
                 couple that I timed were 1:37-1:38, fast for me, very fun)

Agility:  1 hour handling practice, shorter exercises

Walk:  1 1/4 mile with Strummer and Cody

123.6 lbs  (2 lbs lost in 2 days?  Seems weird and unlikely.)


Agility:  45 minutes handling practice, rear crosses

Power Hike:  1.4 mile (approx.)/30 mins. of 4 mins. power hike/1 min. (Hogback loop)

Hike:  1 mile/30 mins. (Foothills trail and part of Hogback loop)

Mountain Bike:  4 miles/30 mins. (Wonderland/Foothills trails, to and from Dakota Ridge trailhead)

Walk:  1 1/4 miles w/Strummer and Cody


Mountain Bike:  18.6 miles/2 hours (Marshall Mesa/Community Ditch/Doudy Draw/Flatirons
                        Vista/Dirty Bismark, 60's, partly cloudy, windy)

Walk:  2 miles with Lola and Cody (and Heidi and Zigi)


Swim:  4850 yards/2 hours

Mountain Bike:  38 miles/4 hours, 20 minutes

Run:  1.2 miles/20 mins. of 4 mins. run/1 min. walk

Power Hike:  1.4 miles (approx.)/30 mins. of 4 mins. power hike/1 min.

Total Training Hours:  7 hours, 10 minutes

Walk:  5.5 miles

Hike:  1 mile

Weight: 123.7 lbs (-1.2 lbs. from 2 weeks ago)


  1. When I get busy with work, I get so tired so quickly and I don't even want to go for my daily walk. I and the dogs suffer for it in multiple ways. Good for you for keeping up the good work every day. And, yeah, I get weight swings of 2 lbs often from one day to the next, sometimes 3 or 4 for no apparent reason. So, like you, I look for the trend from week to week.

  2. Yeah, I think the way the body retains and let's go of water definitely effects weight. I've been weighing myself at the same time of day on the Rec. Center's scale after my swim workouts so conditions should be close but the body is often unpredictable I guess.