Monday, March 07, 2011

Week in Training

Now that it's March I plan on posting weekly training updates.  The plan for the month for triathlon is to start increasing volume.  I think this will be my last week of mid-day masters workouts that focus on skills and drills and next week I'm going to start going to the workouts that focus more on yardage and intervals.  I'm hoping to be back to regular running in a few weeks as well.  Still having some issues with recovering from the car crash as far as running goes.

The plan for agility is to fix the dogwalk, keep improving on weave entries and for handling I'm focusing on keeping my eye on Strummer and timing my cues based on where he is.  Next trial is in April.

I also discovered at my yearly physical exam that I'm about 10-12 lbs too heavy so I'm on a mission to take those lbs off in the next 6 weeks.  I set a goal of 2 lbs for this week and I ended up losing 1.5.  Maybe 2 lbs a week is unrealistic but we'll see how next week goes.


Swim:  2300 yards/1 hour (mid-day masters, Amy coach, lotsa 'distance per stroke drills', kick and

Run:  20 mins., 2 mins. run/1 min. walk (1 mile in middle of 4.16 miles hike w/ Strum, Kiln Trail,
         south side of Wonderland Lake, east side of lake to home)

Walk:  3 miles/1 hour (approx.) (see above)

126.4 pounds


Mountain Bike:  16.82 miles/1 hour 50 mins. (Broadway/Eagle Trail/Boulder Valley/Left Hand and
                         back)  Beautiful day, sunny, high 50's, maybe low 60's.

Agility:  Dogwalk practice with Strum at Biscuit Eaters.  5 reps. running length of dogwalk, other
            practice was minimal running, approx. 3/4 mile cool down walk

Walk:  1 mile stroll with Strum and Cody


Swim:  2700 yards/1 hour 10 mins. (mid-day masters, Tiffany coach, main set was 50 yard sprints,
           whee ha!  Got there a little early and got in an extra 300 yards including 100 yards on my
           back butterfly kick)

Main Set:
50 yards on 1:00 (did it in :44)
50 yards easy
2x50 on 1:00 (:45-:46)
100 yards easy
3x50 on 1:00 (:45-:46)
150 yards easy
4x50 on 1:00 with fins (:38-:39)
200 easy

I was glad to finally have some set intervals, those mid-day workouts are mostly '3rd person rest' which would be o.k. if people wouldn't leave 3 secs. off the feet of the person in front of them (5 secs minimum is more typical) so you end up with not enough rest.  The next lane up (fastest lane) was coming in at around :38-:39 so I have a long ways to go to move over there.  Not sure if I'll ever get there and for now it's not a priority for a goal.  Improving my bike and run are more important goals for now and will save me more time during a race.  My swimming is in pretty good shape for now.  I think it's time to move away from these skill/drill focused workouts and start going to the ones that have more intervals.  I like to focus on my stroke during the winter months but now it's time to start working.

Run:  Same as Monday.

Walk:  .8 mile easy with Lola

125.6 lbs  (had one less cup of tea today so weight could be less due to water)


Agility:  6 reps running dogwalk, some teeter practice, no other running

Mountain Bike:  14.04 miles/1 hour 45 mins. (Broadway/Eagle Trail/Boulder Valley/Left Hand and
                         back)  Beautiful day, windy with gusts at 28 mph, 50's, mix of sun and clouds

Walk:  1.4 mile/40 mins. stroll with Cody & Lola, east side of Wonderland Lake


Swimming:  2400 yards/1 hour 7 mins. (mid-day masters, Amy coach, drills/kick/sprints and some
                  kicking/treading water that cut into yardage but was probably harder than swimming)

Agility:  2 hours handling at B.E. w/Strum and training partner.  Lots of running.  Tripped on tunnel
            and fell, little sore but o.k.

124.8 lbs


Run:  20 mins. of 2 mins. run/1 min. walk/1.5 miles and 20 mins./1.1 miles walk of warm-up/cool
         down (concrete bike path in Westminster, cold gloomy day)


Rest day.

Walk:  2 miles easy on lunch break from class.


Swim:  7400 yards/3 hours, 17 mins.

Mountain Bike:  30.86 miles/3 hours, 35 mins.

Run/Walk:  3.5 miles/60 mins. of 2 mins. run/1 min. walk

Total time:  7 hours, 52 mins.

Walk:  12.5 miles/4 hours, 20 mins.

124.9 lbs (-1.5 lbs) as of Monday, March 7


  1. Nice job on the training! You'll be in GREAT shape to race since it looks like you don't start till July.

  2. I'm hoping to get in a race in June but so far nothing looks appealing. I'm hoping something interesting will pop up. But still, plenty of time to train.

  3. Wow very impressive schedule of training. I cant imagine you needing to lose any weight either Elayne. You dont want those strong wind gusts to blow you away.

  4. Christ weigh 125 lbs?
    I weighed that in eighth grade!

  5. Well, you guys are very kind but I'm only 5'-4". Most of my life I've weighed around 116-120 and down at 109-112 when I race so 125 is heavy for me. It's not good for my bad knee either.