Saturday, March 19, 2011


We had to cut agility practice short yesterday because it got too hot.  52 degrees doesn't sound very hot but it's all about what you're acclimated to and the dogs were hot and hiding in the shade of the A-frame after half an hour or so.  Sun was bright as well.  I was overdressed and sweating in a long sleeve running top, could have easily had shorts and a t-shirt.

Still was a good practice, some fun, short exercises since I knew I'd be tired after swimming practice in the morning.  Struggled with an easy threadle, don't know what my problem was.  My body wasn't listening to my brain or something.  Strum pulled off a lead-out push like he did at the last trial so was good to get some practice with that.  He did so well at the seminar on much more complicated scenarios, not sure why he's pulling off now.  Worked in some rear crosses to get some practice with them.  Fun!

Practice 3-18-2011 from colliebrains on Vimeo.

I love training, especially with Strummer.  He's such a happy, bouncy soul and excited to do whatever.  You should hear the whine-moaning when he realizes he's going to do agility somewhere.  Sometimes he'll go on for 10 minutes or more if he realizes soon enough where he's going.  Such a goof.

Went back this morning to avoid the heat and the 34 degrees felt a lot better.  Worked a challenging rear cross exercise but the hard part turned out to be the pulls after the rear crosses rather than the rear crosses themselves.  Haven't processed the video, will be interesting to see what was going on.

My chiropractor/P.T. guy assigned me some power hiking on super steep hills to build up to more running.  Looks like a beautiful sunny day in the 60's so should be great for hiking.  Feels good to be back to a workout schedule.  Sitting around on my butt in Chicago was not good for anybody.

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