Thursday, March 10, 2011

Puking on the Bluebird of Happiness

You probably think I'm speaking metaphorically but unfortunately I'm being literal.  I started out my bike ride today on a fabulous 64 degree blue sky calm winds day but ended up starting to feel not so fabulous about 20 minutes in.  It was so nice though, I couldn't bear to turn around so I kept going and told myself the pain in my gut would probably pass after a bit.  I picked up the Left Hand Trail and decided to put the pain out of my mind.  But after another half hour things had not improved and in fact had gotten considerably worse.  I noticed the beautiful deep shock of blue of some bluebirds and decided to stop and see if I could get a photo and calm my stomach.

Not so bad for a cheapo point and shoot.  I was crazy far away, the birds were specks on a fence from where I stood.

I don't often see Bluebirds, especially not down at this elevation.

I have a shot of the bright blue wings in flight but it's so blurry it might start your stomach to turning.

Anyway while taking the photos I felt as if I might end up sharing my lunch with the birds so I decided to take a short cut home on the roads after I got off the Left Hand Trail.  Of course as soon as I turned onto the dirt road the wind started blowing head on and I had an unpleasant climb ahead of me made even more unsavory.  But I made it home no problem and felt much better on the way home so I'm guessing I hadn't let my lunch settle enough before heading out on the bike.  Such a gorgeous day, I couldn't bear to sit around and wait.

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  1. Ouch! I'm glad you felt better after but still what a painful way to enjoy a nice day.