Sunday, December 12, 2010

Left Hand Trail

I've thankfully got some more contract work so I've been busy this week but I did manage to sneak out on Thursday for a ride on the trails near my house.  This view is looking up towards the Hogback Trail and if you go to the link you can see the view from the Hogback looking down on this trail.  We've been having a string of 50-60 degree days and I've been trying to take advantage as much as possible.  The next couple of days are supposed to be in the 60's as well, I can hardly believe it.  I truly loathe this time of year but with this fabulous sunny weather and some work to distract me from the horrors of the holidays I've managed to keep my vitriol for the season to a minimum.  Though I did have a good laugh at 'Consume to your Doom' spray painted in giant letters on the wall of an underpass near my house.  But it's hard to be too grinchy with blue skies and sun bashing away in December and dry trails as far as the eye can see.


  1. Can't believe you have this weather! We have snow and it's getting C O L D!

  2. Beautiful! And your weather sounds better than ours, too, at the moment.