Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Finally got a photo of a sundog.  I'm obsessed with sundogs.  They're more impressive in person, my photography skills are wanting.  I've been seeing loads of them lately and of course I never have my camera.  I only had the point and shoot today because I was on my bike and was only half expecting to see them.  What a spectacular day, shorts weather and sundogs in December.  There were some nice cloud formations too and the moon kept poking its face in and out.

Marshall Mesa (the moon is visible but it's hard to distinguish from the clouds)

I was back on the Flatirons Vista/Doudy Draw/Springbrook trails again and added on some trails at Marshall Mesa to make it a little longer.  I'm trying to get photos at spots all along the trails.

Flatirons Vista

But I can't seem to help myself and keep ending up with this view with the Continental Divide.  The light was some kind of eerie today.

I guess it can't stay in the 60's forever, it is December after all, and tomorrow it might even rain but today was a special treat of magical.


  1. You must have our weather. We are freezing and usually we have temps on the 50's and 60's. Diana

  2. Yeah, I know, the world's gone upside down but I've decided I heart La Nina if it means bike riding on trails in December.