Thursday, December 23, 2010

Serps and Threadles

Had a fun practice today featuring serpentines and threadles.  Seems like I was struggling more than I should have been but some of the sequences were challenging.  In Exercise #3 in the video I finally had to cry uncle and put in a front cross.  I was trying to handle it like a serp for the sake of practice even though it wasn't the most ideal handling choice but I became frustrated and realized the front was a better choice all the way around so why force the issue.  Still making the mistake of turning into him sometimes but I think this session was better than last and I'm feeling more comfortable with running forward and having him come into my dropped arm.  He understands the move, I need to trust him though.

PRACTICE 12-23-2010 from colliebrains on Vimeo.

My knee's been plaguing me a bit, tried getting back into running a few weeks ago and it went o.k. for a couple of runs then I had a run where it felt like elves were jabbing broken shards of glass into my knee (which is actually a good metaphor for how the holiday season makes me feel) and I've been scared to try again.  I feel it tweak now and again and it cranks a bit at me when I run Strummer in agility but I realize now it never bothered me for the whole practice and there was a good bit of running.  I had slacked off from icing it every day and now that I've been better about icing it I'm noticing an improvement so I guess I'll keep up with it.  Maybe I'll try running again next week.  I'm considering a new race next year, a sprint triathlon up Lookout Mountain next July, and there's a discount for entering before Jan. 1 but it seems stupid to enter a race so far in advance when my knee is wonky but after the past few days I'm feeling more optimistic.  It's a pool swim though and I've never done one with proper lanes.  Looks like I'll have to suck it up and learn how to do a flip turn.

Still enjoying dry, mild weather, very freaky but I'm not complaining until the hills start on fire.  Mountains are getting slammed with snow, best ski conditions in like 20 years supposedly but I have no motivation to go up there while it's relatively warm down here.  Looks like it's supposed to be in the 50's this weekend, screw yer White Christmas, biking on trails on X-mas day, yee ha!  I heart La Nina.

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