Friday, December 24, 2010


I thought I was pretty bad ass going to the pool this morning for my masters swim workout on the day before X-mas, especially since it was my 3rd masters workout this week and I typically only go twice.  The coach didn't even show up.  But there was a small, intrepid group of us and a guy who was a coach in another lifetime came up with a fun, impromptu workout.

Then I saw this post over at Open Water Chicago.  Yes folks, a group of seriously hardcore open water swimmers did a 1/2 mile swim in 32 degree water with a 14 degree air temp.  For 'fun'.  There are photos and video over at the link.  I'm getting hypothermia just thinking about it.


  1. I kind of want to do one of those polar bear swims...I have been keeping my eyes open looking for one :-) Despite my friend telling me how he almost died doing on in Lake Tahoe. Crazy indeed!

  2. Those polar bear swims are just little dunks in the water then you go sit your ass in a hot tub. At least that's what the one here in Boulder is like. People typically don't even wear wet suits. Those crazy Chicagoans were out in that bowl of ice cubes for half a freakin' mile! I'm sure if you're game the Chicago folk will happily take you out for a dip and THAT will be some bragging rights. I'll be sitting on shore, or maybe in the car, with a nice hot mocha.