Friday, December 24, 2010

This is why I don't buy dog toys

The dogs' Auntie Heidi came 'round today to bring them some nice holiday presents.  Because I'm Scroogey and buy them bupkis at X-mas.  Well that's not the reason she brought them toys but anyway it took not more than a couple of minutes for them to rip off a foot of one of the toys while I was chatting with Auntie Heidi about how naughty they were and how much they did not deserve nice presents.  O.k. that's not what we were talking about, we were really talking about Greyhounds in pajamas and I can't even believe I'm admitting this in public for all the internets to hear but oh well.

Heidi soon had enough of the ensuing mayhem and left to deliver gifts to her less noisy and boisterous doggie friends and I went in the house with Cody so he could enjoy one of the toys without getting bowled over by the Trouble Twins.  I was not gone but 3 minutes or so when I went back outside to discover the Demolition Duo had been busy indeed.

Previous to taking the photo I had to pry the squeaker out of Lola's mouth.  And while Lola enjoys a good de-stuffing as much as the next guy I'm fairly certain I've caught the main culprit red-handed.

You know those toys made of tire tread that are tested by Rottweiler/Pitbull mixes for their sturdiness against the most destructive of canines?  Yeah, Strummer laughs at those toys.  And yes he will eat the bits and pieces of whatever he destroys so he can't have toys without a chaperone.  I live in hope that he'll grow out of his destructive, eat everything stage but he'll be 6 in March.  That's years, not months.  I'm pretty sure he's going to be off his head clear into his dotage.


  1. What IS it about unstuffing toys? Even my least destructive dogs, as soon as there's the slightest wisp of something poking out, zip zop, the whole poor shell requires gutting. I'm usually too busy yelling "don't unstuff that!" to stop and take photos, though.

  2. Unfortunately when I came upon that scene we were way beyond 'don't unstuff that!' so I figured what the hey and grabbed the camera. They were too busy tugging to start eating when I left them to get the camera so I figured I was o.k. If someone could figure out a safe edible stuffing for toys they'd make a fortune.