Friday, December 24, 2010

What would you do for Chocolate Crack Pie?

This is what happens when you send the husband to the store for bittersweet chocolate.

This was after 2 trips to the store, yesterday and today at 5 pm.  You can imagine.  I refuse to go to the store the day before a major holiday.  Whatever I need I decide I no longer need.  Now technically I didn't send him to the store yesterday at that godawful hour and he was off of work and could have gone whenever plus he volunteered to go so I think he enjoys it on some perverse level.  I would have been a bit more sympathetic except that he came home the first time all indignant that I hadn't specified which type of chocolate.  Thankfully I had Exhibit A-the shopping list I'd sent him with.  The unspecified 'chocolate' listing was in his writing whilst 'bittersweet chocolate' was clearly on the list in mine.  Poor guy went back out a second time tonight, this time to the Safeway.  If he's not home by 7 I'll send out Search and Rescue.

I'm going to make Mascarpone Chocolate Pie aka 'Chocolate Crack Pie' for our X-mas brunch with friends tomorrow.  Because it's easy and I know I can do it and it's a challenge to see if I can send any of my uber healthy friends into a diabetic coma.  Plus I get to use my fancy pants stand mixer.  I don't deserve such a fancy kitchen appliance given my terrifying culinary skills but my grandmother got it for me and it rocks so I try to pick recipes that use a mixer.

I was hoping to get going on it this afternoon but Jonny was out biking and no way I was going to the store so I'm stuck doing it tonight while I'm sleepy which could yield some interesting results.  On the other hand it's hard to go too far wrong with massive amounts of butter and chocolate.  As long as no one ends up in the ER I'll call it good.


  1. I went to the grocery store xmas eve without a list and then couldn't remember whether I needed bittersweet, semisweet, or unsweetened. so I also came home ith 2 bars of semisweet and 2 bars of unsweetened. Of course I needed bittersweet. I looked them all up on the web and decided that mixing them together would give me what I needed perfectly legally, and indeed it worked fine. So now you know.

  2. I did check the internet about improvising but I have enough problems with the correct ingredients, I didn't want to risk it because usually it doesn't end well for me. Plus I was experimenting on other people. No one ended up in the ER (that I know of) and most of the pie got gobbled up so I'll take that as a success.