Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week In Training, July 6 through July 12

A decent training week despite some setbacks due to schedule problems (work obligations/deadlines and doctor's appointments). In effect I only missed one swim workout and was hoping to sneak in another bike workout that didn't quite happen so not too bad. A 2 1/4 hour increase in total workout hours over last week and finally I'm into my 7-9 hour per week range that I'm trying to hit. Knee was fine all week except for Saturday when I woke up with it being stiff and not wanting to straighten. Was fine for my mega-hike today. I'm counting hiking time in my total training time as long as the hike is reasonably steep and strenuous as it was today. I'll have some steep trail sections to deal with for my race and I'll almost certainly hike them so this isn't unreasonable. The p.t. says hiking is good for building up leg & knee strength for running too so I want to fit in as much as my knee and schedule will handle.

Walk-2 miles a.m., Lola & Cody
Rest day of sorts, I was tired.

Swim-approx. 900 yards/20 mins. a.m. at the Boulder Rez. Made it for a full lap but used a pull buoy and paddles

Chiropractor/massage after work.

Walk-2 miles p.m. Cody & Strummer.

Knee good.

Run/Walk-2 miles a.m. (3 min. run/1 min. walk for 30 mins.) 1 mile walk total for warm-up & cool down. Cody & Strummer.

Swim-2400 yards/1 hour p.m., masters at Spruce Pool, Jane coach

Knee good.

Walk-2 miles a.m., Cody & Strummer
Agility class p.m., 1/2 hour private w/ Joy & Strummer. It was HOT. Poor Strum, he did a great job but I felt bad. I told Joy I may have to cancel next week if it's that hot again. Worked on my spazzy handling. O.k., we do that every week.

Knee good.

Run/Walk-2 miles a.m. (3 min. run/1 min. walk for 30 mins.) 1 mile walk total for warm-up & cool down. Cody & Strummer.

Skipped evening masters practice so I wouldn't be trashed for my Saturday bike ride which I wanted to be a quality workout.

Walk-3 miles a.m. w/ Cody & Strummer (and Lola & Jonny)

Bike-12.8 miles/2 hours, 10 minutes mid-day on the Colorado Trail at Buffalo Creek with Jonny, Rusty and Jeanne. Gorgeous trail and fun times. Weather was a little warm and surprisingly humid (humid for Colorado that is) but it was cool in the shade of the forest, especially on the downhills. Got some decent climbing in.

Knee was stiff and didn't want to straighten first thing in the morning. Held up well enough for the bike, only bothered me when I had to get off and hike-a-bike for a few short sections. Hard to walk for a bit after the ride since the knee still didn't want to straighten then magically knee was fine about 1 1/2 hours after the ride. My friend thinks it's the torn meniscus moving out of position from where it's supposed to be then shifting back into place.

Hike-6 miles/3 1/4 hours on Arapaho Pass trail in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area with Jonny and Strummy. Beautiful day, pictures to follow.

Weekly Totals:

Swim: 3100 yards, 1 hour, 20 minutes

Mountain Bike: 12.8 miles/2 hours

Run: 4 miles, 1 hour

Hike: 6 miles, 3 1/4 hours

Walking: 11 miles, approx. 3 1/2 hours

Total: 7 1/2 hours (includes hike but not walking)

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