Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mitchell Lake/Blue Lake

Strum at Blue Lake, Indian Peaks Wilderness Area.

Are we having Pika poop for snackies?

Mmmm, Pika poop is the best.

Another gorgeous hike today, just 5-6 miles but it was steep and rocky. I wasn't tired while I was hiking and I felt like I could have done more but Jonny and I collapsed into naps as soon as we got home. Strummer on the other hand was/is ready for playtime. He's putting a toy in my lap as I type. This dog is an endless well of energy, I'm not sure if it's possible to exhaust him. And all this hiking is only making him more fit. I left Team Old School at home because the trail was way too rocky for old, arthritic tootsies. If I remember correctly the last time I took Cody on this trail he was miserable because of the footing and that was many years ago.

I went overboard with the mountain pictures this time. I had to restrain myself from posting them all at the risk of sending you all to snoozeland. Yes, this is me restraining myself. I took 101 photos on this hike which is a freakin' lot for me of little patience. I also brought my nicer SLR this time. Last week's photos were with the point and shoot which frankly I think I've dropped one too many times.

Are you sick of the flowers yet? Be thankful I'm only posting 2 of the zillions of photos I took of the flowers.


Can you spot the Ptarmigan? If someone on the trail hadn't pointed it out to me I would have walked right by.

Can you see me now?

O.k., I'll make an appearance.

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  1. What a cool bird!

    I don't think your pictures are boring. ;)