Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things I'd never dreamed I'd want but now I do thanks to my weirdo dog hobby

I'm not a big lover of Stuff or consumerism but every so often usually at this time of year I guiltily wish I had one of these.

I've grown to hate hotels-dirty, smelly, parasite ridden hovels, I don't care how many stars. Gives me the heebies just thinking about it. And they want to charge me how much per dog per night to stay in their sleazy little disease ridden cesspit of doom? Let's not even think about the noisy, psycho clientele who are almost certainly going to murder me in my sleep.

How cool would it be to have your own little motel room on wheels? The only problem is that these things are spendy. I've seen them anywhere from $9000-$14,000 used depending on options/condition. I'm scared to call a dealer and find out what they are new. And how many times a year would I actually use it? Then there's the little problem of they weigh around 1560 lbs and the tow capacity on my Honda Element is 1500 lbs. I found one person on the internet who was towing one but he lived out east somewhere I think, not in the Rocky Mountains. I can just see myself trying to tow that thing up Berthoud Pass.

Of course there are smaller, cheaper, lighter options

I've seen these for around $4000-$5000. They'd probably be fine for just me and 2 dogs at a trial for a night or 2 but would my husband and I still be married after a week or so with us and the 3 dogs in one of these things? Would I really go camping/travelling as much as I think I would if I had one? My neighbor has a TAB and I've thought about asking her to rent it but I'd be afraid of all the dog hair I'd leave behind even with a good cleaning and she doesn't have a dog.

Maybe I should just admit defeat and go the whole hog:

I'll never in a million years buy one mind you but I can live and dream. I just can't believe that I've come to a point in my life that this is what I'm living and dreaming about.


  1. I researched these things last year. I really liked the Casita. My Volvo stationwagon has the towing capacity but can't handle the tongue weight. I would need to buy a truck or SUV. There is something very appealing about having your own "space"...

  2. The Casita looks really nice but 3500 lbs, yikes, you definitely need a serious vehicle to haul that. I think the 'Little Guys' are around 900 lbs. but of course they're way smaller and don't have all the amenities.

    I'm going to try sleeping in my Element in Laramie this year, we'll see how that goes for 1 night.

  3. Oh, wow, love the matched vintage car & trailer. You'd be styyyylin'! There are also motorcycle-sized camping trailers; a friend and her 2 dogs used one that she pulled behind her car. It wasn't exactly this one: ; I think it was called Freedom Trailer and it was a bit more trailer-like than tent-like, but their web site seemes to have gone kaput. She said that she just stashed a folding table & chair, heater, good lamps, extension cord, etc. inside & with electric hookup available it was perfect. (I don't remember whether she also had one of those potty stools for that late-night call, but I do remember that I was amazed at how much she stashed in it.)