Saturday, July 04, 2009

SO Close

A little bit of USDAA trialing for us this holiday weekend. I only ran Lola and only in Standard and Gamblers on Friday and Standard today since those were the earliest classes. Last year this trial was a Regional and it was mostly blazing hot in the 90's so this year I only entered early classes and of course it was much cooler and cloudy at times.

Today's Standard was our best run and Jonny came with us so we have video. It was a tough course but Lola did a lovely job. Look at that table people!!! I was so pleased with that. And she hit all her contacts despite being freaked out by the judge on the dogwalk. Unlike yesterday-ahem. I was so sure we'd have it but I pushed her waaay too far out into the hinterlands on a tough weave pole entry and there was no way she could make the entry from where I'd placed her so we got a refusal darn-it but still it was a great run on a tough course and I was so pleased with her.

Of course the obvious choice of background music would be '4th of July' by X but apparently I only have it on vinyl and I'm too lazy to transfer it to CD just for doggie background music so you'll have to make do with Elvis Costello. I think I go through this every year. One of these days I'll get the dang thing on mp3.

Yesterday did not go nearly as well. I picked a very boring, easy course for Gamblers and still somehow managed to muck it up a bit. Then I thought maybe she had a shot at the gamble but it was not meant to be. When I got home Cody said he could have done it easy peasy. In Standard the little stinker blew her dogwalk contact on an otherwise lovely run. When we got to the table she did a fabulous fast happy down so I immediately released her and ran her over a few obstacles on the shortest path out of the ring so I could reward her. Judge thought I was nuts when I excused myself before she finished her table count but oh well. She had a beautiful table today and held it for the whole count so it was worth it.

Lola loved being the only dog and she especially loved it today when Jonny came. I think she had such a nice run to show off for him. It was relaxing for me as well since she's so easy to deal with and I didn't have to run like a crazy person between 2 rings. I loved being able to focus all my attention on her. I love running her and hanging out with her and who knows how many trials she has left? Plus she was by far the most gorgeous dog there. I'm constantly amazed that she never gets some special award for that. She always leaves the trial wondering where is her diamond studded tiara and I have no good explanation for her.

On the way to and from the trial site I pass a coffee/tattoo shop that I've been dying to stop at but I'm always either on my way there and have no time to stop or on my way home and it's too late and hot and tired for coffee. But today it was plenty early and we had plenty of time on our way home so finally I got to sample the wares of the Bananalope Coffee House which shares a space with the Smoky Banana Tattoo shop. Personally I don't think I'd want a case of the jitters while someone was coming at me with needles but that's just me. The coffee is all organic and free trade and the nice lady behind the counter said the place is very dog friendly, next time bring the poochies in for special biscuits. Lola was mad that she didn't get a mocha or biscuits but I didn't want to unbelt her from her seatbelt harness and start a big fuss in the place.

The trial continues on tomorrow but not for us. I'm hitting the trails on my mountain bike and Lola gets the day off.


  1. Lola looked like she was having a great time. Nice table indeed. Glad you got to stop at the coffee shop. I often pass places going to and from agility trials--sometimes year after year--with the same issue--too tired, too early, too late, no time. Half a day of agility sounds like a good way to get the best of both options.

  2. I've decided I love trialing for 1/2 a day and/or only 1 day. Great for my wallet and my sanity.

  3. Wish I could convince myself to do it more often. I always think--ok, I'm driving 2 hours, setting up my canopy and everything which takes 45 minutes probably, then tearing everything down & driving back, so that's almost 6 hours devoted without even getting to the competition, so doing only half a day is dumb, and doing only 1 day still seems like such an effort for only the one day. Ah, well.

  4. Ah, this was only a 45 minute drive. I probably wouldn't drive 2 hours for 1/2 a day either but I've done it for a full single day.