Sunday, July 12, 2009

Arapaho Pass

Hey. I'm Strummer and I'll be your guide today up Arapaho Pass.

Just because you're in the wilderness don't think for a moment that you can avoid your adoring fans. They're a nuisance but they pay the bills.

The wildflowers are particularly spectacular this year. Lots of places to leave your pee-mail.

Once you start seeing these views you're nearly there. Make sure you're taking in enough calories so that you don't bonk at the top. I suggest the Pika poop, it's plentiful above treeline and is delicious this time of year.

Voila! You're there. Enjoy your view from Arapaho Pass and give those quads a rest after that long steep climb.

The indignity of my life sometimes, I tell you. I'll have my revenge though, just wait until I start barfing up the Pika poop.


  1. It looks great. Strummer is so handsome!!

  2. Beautiful scenery!!! I LOL'ed at the STrummer comments - his expressions are great :)

  3. Thanks. The Strum man is not shy about sharing his big personality that's for sure.

  4. FunnnnEEEE! And, wow, gorgeous scenery. FYI, my Tika's name came from Pika (the PEEka pronunciation, not the PIEka) because of how often, when she was younger, she just stood up on her hind legs to get a better look at what was going on around her. If only I had encouraged her more, her back and legs would be really strong now. :-)

  5. "Gorgeous" and "Wow, wow, wow" are only some of the things I said out loud while reading your post... plus chuckling about Stummer's advice.

    Looks like you're almost as high as some of those clouds.

  6. Some awesome pictures there Elayne. Nice that Strumm let you go along for the hike. He needed your opposing thumbs to operate the camera, no doubt.