Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Wheels Up in 24

Tomorrow morning I fly to Chicago for yet another few days of adventures.  If you want to know the truth I've had enough with adventures.  I love my life of quiet routine and at this point I'd like nothing better than to slip back into it.  Two weeks of driving and racing and poor night's sleep and beating my brains out over race strategy, mountain bike courses and agility courses has been plenty.  So tired right now.  A good tired but ready to go back to real life.  I contemplated going back down to Commerce City to watch Grand Prix Finals on Sunday and in the end I ended up having a nap from 1:00-3:00.  A 2 hour, out cold, deep sleep in the middle of the afternoon is unheard of for me.  I'd like to say it was great but I only woke up feeling groggy, a feeling that still persists 3 days later.

Normally I would not have scheduled my yearly trip home to Chicago on the heels of 2 nationals but I wanted to coordinate the trip with my out of state aunt who works weekends and this was what we came up with.  Plus I figured I'd be tired and unproductive anyway.  Just didn't figure on being this tired and unproductive.

I've been trying to gear myself up for it, at least get to the point of not dreading it, but it's been a challenge.  Every year it's a challenge.  But it makes my grandmother happy so I do it.  And it'll be nice to see her and my aunt and a good friend that I've had since high school.  But leaving home and Jonny and the dogs and my routine yet again is not something I'm looking forward to.

On the other hand I called my aunt last night and she sounded so exhausted.  She's in her 60's and works as an ER nurse and was probably working some insanely long shift for days in a row so she could get this weekend off.  You want to talk about exhausted.  So I decided to quit my bitching.

4 days in the suburbs with no car or internet though.  At least there's a coffee shop with internet a mile away so maybe I can walk there and deal with any business related stuff if it comes up.  I have phone internet but I'm not good at it, can't use the onscreen keyboard very well, can't get the apps to work, so slow.  Hopefully any potential clients will call rather than email.  I'm sure I'll survive.

It's so nice here in Colorado right now though.  Sunny blue skies, crisp and cool in the morning warming to the 70's by the afternoon.  I saw my last clients for the week yesterday so today I think I'll treat myself to a mid-day swim outside at masters and then a hike to enjoy the last of the fall colors in the high country.  Because heck, what's a little more exhaustion to add to the pile?

Miss Lola.  Just because.

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