Friday, October 26, 2012

First Snow, Sort Of

Technically the first snow was a few weeks ago but I was in Chicago and missed it.  Not sure how much if any snow stuck on the ground back then.  This time we had a couple of wimpy storms that amounted to only about 3"-4" of snow by the time we were done.

Wonderland Lake -one day it looks like this

And the next day it looks like this.

The sun had just come out and the storm started to clear when I took these.  The snow will be gone tomorrow, those fall snowfalls melt quickly.  I'm just glad the sun is back - 3 days of clouds and damp is depressing.  But it's very good that we got some moisture, hopefully it'll be enough to put out the wildfire up in Rocky Mountain National Park.  I'm tired of driving home from agility trials and seeing smoke over the mountains.

I don't have any good snow dog pictures.  It's a wet mushy snow and not enough of it that the dogs want to run and play in it.  I'm sure we'll have plenty of photo ops in the months to come so I'm not complaining.  There's still plenty of fall left to enjoy.


  1. Fun!!! It sounded like the snow turned out to be a bit more than everyone was expecting but at least it will thaw fast!

  2. Slushy or not, it's all lovely from this vantage point. But the blue sky/lake yellow trees, wonderful!