Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Last year at this time I knew exactly what my goals were for this year.  Now it's this year and I'm resting and rebuilding after finishing up those goals and wondering what's next.  Because at some point I have to turn off Honey Boo Boo, get off the couch and get back to pursuing something.  The big question is what to do about agility goals.  I'm not going to Tennessee for USDAA Nationals and even if I do decide to go to DOCNA Champs, Strum's already qualified and it's not a super challenging goal.  Chasing titles is not an appealing goal either.  Can't quite muster up enough 'give a damn' about them.  Of course I want to get out of Starters/into Masters in USDAA but aside from training dogwalks until I'm blue in the face there isn't much to work on because that's the main thing holding us back.  Wish USDAA would let everybody into the Masters Challenge events but they don't and not every trial offers them anyway.  So wish we had UKI but I'm stuck with USDAA Starters and DOCNA.

I think for now I'm going to play around with trying more handling moves at trials that I'm not 100% sure of.  There were 2 places at USDAA Nationals where I think a Ketschker turn was a great handling choice but because it was Team at Nationals there was no way I was going to take a risk with it.  Time to start testing the things I've been training.  I have a DOCNA trial this weekend and I'm not optimistic that there will be many opportunities for trying stuff out but you never know.  Maybe I'll see if I can make up some challenging courses for myself in the 2 Gamblers classes.

As for triathlon, it'll be a couple of months before race dates start getting announced and this may determine goals for next year.  Would love to return to Utah for Xterra Nationals if it's in Utah again.  Definitely won't schedule so many races so close together, that was the biggest lesson of the season.  For now, I've gone back to fitness boot camp with a vengeance.  Weights, track work, Kangoo boots, I'm so sore right now but it's a good kind of sore, a 'my muscles are getting stronger' kind of sore.  Haven't been back to masters swimming because my arms are so sore but for now I'm not too worried about swimming.  It's nice to take a little break and do something different.  I think a big weakness of mine, especially on the bike, is lack of muscular strength and muscular endurance and it's hard to build this up during the regular training season.  I think boot camp will be good for agility too, especially the plyometrics.  I've been having fun with it anyway.

Went for an easy 3 mile hike in the high country and it felt positively decadent not feeling like I had to be on some marathon expedition.

Snow on the high peaks, Mud Lake in the foreground

And still a few bursts of color left

Somebody had a lot of fun

For now I'm shifting my energies into my hypnosis practice.  I've got a lot of plans for the website - videos, articles, etc. and I'll post links here as I get stuff up that might be of general interest.  I'm doing a talk up at the University for the psychology club and that should be fun.  More on all that as it develops.


  1. Your photos sure do a good job of showing the beauty up there.

    I like your idea of trying some new moves in competition when you've already met your goals for that year in that venue.

  2. Sounds like you are enjoying the fall after all your big events. I've been spending a lot of time figuring out things for next year too! Of course some of it will have to wait till I hear back about some things in February or's possible I will be asking you for a lot of info about things in your area next year!

  3. Yay, road trip for you. I have a spare bedroom (if you don't mind sleeping on an aerobed) if you need a place to stay. Though of course I have the 3 noisy dogs. I may do a couple of road tri's. this year, we'll see.

  4. Any of the 'Without Limits' or 'Racing Underground' races are a good bet. I haven't done all their races but in general both companies put on a great race.

  5. Ha! I just checked back and saw your responses. It would be a bigger move than just coming out for a road trip :) With any luck, I'll have lots of time to try the local races...

  6. Oh and thank you for the nice offer!!! :) Just think good admissions thoughts for me!

  7. Wow, how exciting, I'll think good thoughts for admissions. School/CU or something work related? Sounds like a good move either way.

  8. School, I hope :)